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    Why are you retards the only company that have ads that crash Flashplayer 24/7? Can you dickweeds get your shit straight and get rid of your stupid ads? No other place gives me trouble, EXCEPT FOR EVERY CURSE SPONSORED PIECE OF SHIT SITE. Please and ty, your customer base.

    Like every fucking reload, some bullshit ad causes crashes. Seriously, Curse is a bunch of fuckwits, it's been going on for years.
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    Top kek, never crashed anything for me.

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    All im seeing here is "what's an adblock?"

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    That free communist internet must block the freedom of our ads too well, so your opinion can't count Mr. Finland

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    There is really no point to such a hostile thread

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    You have reported 0 ads in the thread where we collect details to get rid of bad ads:

    Almost all of our ads are through large ad networks, if you are crashing that sounds like an issue on your end.

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