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    ofc not, death to the alliance
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    For sure. Lorewise, we are a bunch of mercenaries so I don't understand why we have to strictly follow faction-lines anyways. :\
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    Cross-faction raiding / dungeoning / questing should've been made possible a long time ago already, and I'm quite certain it's something that will happen at some point. It's a typical kind of end-expansion patch feature.
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    I would like it in a limited fashion.

    I like the faction rivalry, but people say there'd be a lot of griefing...I seriously doubt it. There'd be some "alliance scum" "horde filth" blah blah blah rpers but the difference between factions coming together in dungeons and players cross-server coming together is that players have no reason to like people from other servers and the interaction has been forced.

    Alliance and Horde are different. It's almost more like a friendly rivalry ingame than a real hatred and most halfway intelligent people don't instantly hate players of the other faction. And in general, I dunno, I think it'd be pretty cool to see a mixed dungeon group of alliance and horde players.

    My verdict: with limitations, it'd be cool. Example: you have to be grouped with an opposite faction member you have on battletag/real ID. Don't just shove them together sloppily, and still keep it very obvious as Alliance and Horde and make seeing members of the other faction a rarity. Keep it within LFR, Flex and dungeon leveling groups and only casual content. No PvP either, and in fact you are not allowed to participate in content as friendly group members outside of instanced content. If you see the person out in the world, you're still red to them (or unflagged). If you're on different servers, nobody sees anyone.

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    I would rather die then pollute my raids with Horde filth. =p

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    No. Blizzard would never attempt to resolve technical issues like server balance by changing hugely important and defining elements of the games history... do you remember Chris Metzen telling us the motive behind MoP? "WAR". Blizzard actively seemed to pull both factions away from each other and then pitted them against each other directly.

    After playing Wildstar, one of the things that bugs me is the fact that I can work with opposite factions to complete group quests. I take advantage of this admittedly but the after effect kinds leaves me confused about the importance of factions in Wildstar, it feels more a choice of favorite race rather than what each faction stands for.

    I would absolutely vote against this.
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    Yes. Lore means absolutely nothing to me. Gameplay should be the only thing that matters in a game and allowing cross faction groups is a great benefit to gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbownz View Post
    After playing Wildstar, one of the things that bugs me is the fact that I can work with opposite factions to complete group quests. I take advantage of this admittedly but the after effect kinds leaves me confused about the importance of factions in Wildstar, it feels more a choice of favorite race rather than what each faction stands for.
    The opening cinematic to MoP is very indicative of human nature, which is exactly why people do that kind of thing in wildstar and even where appropriate in wow. They talked like MoP would be this whole setting us at war with each other thing after all the xpacs of us *working together* but it ended up going the same route as every other xpac, we kinda started trying to attack each other repeatedly and then BAM more pressing concerns started and we started working together again as it always goes.

    They *tried* to make pandas about pitting the factions against each other again. that is absolutely not how it played out.

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    If we were enlisted soldiers of the Alliance and Horde I could see why grouping together wouldn't make sense. But we aren't. The player characters are basically glorified mercenaries so I see no reason why we wouldn't group together for a common goal.

    For some reason people think the Alliance and Horde fighting along side one another then going back to fighting each other in bg's would make no sense. Meanwhile it makes total sense for them to fight the battle of warsong gulch over and over again everyday for 9 years.
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    Yes. For the Hordelliance!

    Give me playable Legion as the second faction.

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    The inclusion of this kind of thing would have made ICC a hell of a lot less badly written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnarch View Post
    Death of world PvP! Which, by the way, is something that already has a terminal form of cancer.
    Not exactly, because they're talking about grouping, not out in the world stuff. It's not a horrible idea, but I wouldn't want it.

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    The recent cinematic actually sets the right tone for this... a human and an orc getting drunk in a tavern together.
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    Actually I wouldn't mind running dungeons with the Alliance. Blizzard could always use the oldest trick they are using in Caverns of time. Just disguise each of the members so the rest see him as an ally. It should be doable with today's technologies.
    Example: You play a draenei. You are thrown in a horde group. You appear to them as blood elf, while you see them as humans, dwarves, night elves. Problem solved.

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    Once the last expansion comes around, I predict that wall will finally fall as it's the message they've been trying to push for so very long now. Come together and fight as one for the destiny of your world, or see it trampled beneath the power of the forces of darkness/chaos/oblivion.

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    My vote for this is a NO.

    Merged AH - totally. Fixes the worst drawback of badly balanced server populations.

    Multifaction Groups? Nah. WoW has only 2 factions and they are sworn enemies of each other. Except for few notable exceptions (green jesus etc) typical Orc will just try to tear typical Human apart, which also won't stay idle and will want to stick a broadsword into that Orc's scalp.

    It's just wrong lore-wise. Sure, the raid bosses are usually villains threatening whole world etc. But when did you ever see a platoon of humans or night elves fight along orcs and trolls? You didn't saw that because there isn't anything like this and I hope it stays that way.

    This game does not need faction merge except for the auction house - which is confirmed at this point.

    Everything is in cross realm tech already, save only for Mythic which is done only by very small minority of all players.

    You can group cross realm for any PvE or PvP content except for said mythic raid.

    After all, there's very little gain from this faction merge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    It's just wrong lore-wise.
    AAAAND again someone who has CLEARLY not been paying attention to lore or the overall tone of the warcraft universe this whole time.


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    It would need to be a pretty complex system in order for it to remain interesting; and a complex system would be pretty awful for many players trying to figure out what was going on. However, here's a shot at how it could work.

    In dungeons:
    Group must be formed manually, no lfr or lfd.

    In open world:
    if a party member is flagged for pvp, then the entire party is flagged for "free for all" pvp. Players within the group can't harm each other. When a player flags the party, each party member has the option to be flagged or leave the party, this menu would have a short timer defaulting to leaving the party. Quests from neutral or multifaction npcs can be completed. When entering a free for all area the party is disbanded.

    In organized PVP:

    In Arenas:
    no restrictions
    introduction of a "hero's tavern" where players can go to chat cross faction to create arena groups. This is a free for all area with a strong healing aura active on all players.

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    How well would the players get along though? There are ten years of built-up animosity.
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    Yes, only because I have friends on both sides. Else I would say no, selfish as that may seem.
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