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    Vanilla: The original Duskwood. It was my favorite zone with my favorite stories, in particular the Morbent Fel chain.

    TBC: Hanging out with Khadgar's servant.

    Cata: I don't remember if the quest chains intertwine but Cata introduced a new/updated series of pirate quests to STV that were a blast and I really dug the chain that culminates in the defense of Booty Bay. Fiona's Caravan is a good one. I thought Vashjr was effective in setting up a story that felt bigger than you, what with all the Old God and Naga civilization stuff.

    MoP: The Alliance chain in Jade Forest starts off a little shaky in the intro quests but it actually becomes pretty engrossing and funny. Highlights off the top of my head would be painting the mural, the Jade Witch, and the SI:7 stuff. The short Hidden Master chain in Valley is great. Bad yak.

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    For me the best place to quest is Felwood. I like that it is so depressive.
    But the best chain q is "the-hand-of-guldan" , recently completed it with my mage the Staff of the Redeemer is super awesome.

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    I really like the Wrathgate quest chain. I do it everytime once a character hit the level requirement (I even do this chain when my character's level is above it). Just the lore/cinematic/Bolvar are so worth doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy23 View Post
    I would say this quest line within icecrown

    Here is the video explaining why the quest is so personal to blizzard:

    And a short rundown of the quest:

    Oh wow i remember doing this quest but i didnt know the story behind it. This was an awesome quest!.
    My favourite has to be the onyxia chain where you go to stormwind and bolvar kicks some dragon ass!.
    Also the hunter bow questline was pretty awesome.

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    The quest in Arathi when you have the elitist, nub etc.

    The quest the OP linked is nothing special.

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    I like the horde one in Hillsbrad where you smash buried human faces in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Main beef I have with that quest is that she turns into a Drakonid, not a Dragon.
    That must have been a VERY early version of the quest, the one i recall(and i started a few months before BC) used her actual form as seen here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiverrettu View Post
    Hercular's revenge maybe? Before the nerfs.
    hercular used to farm me in southshore when I was on first leveling toon
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    I loved the final dreadsteed summoning quest, it was epic. Still disappointed that it was removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post

    Greatest. Kill quest. Of all time. Ever.
    mm could had swear that quest was originally going to be a daily has well but last minute plan was scrap along with path of titan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanogan View Post
    I really like the Wrathgate quest chain. I do it everytime once a character hit the level requirement (I even do this chain when my character's level is above it). Just the lore/cinematic/Bolvar are so worth doing this.
    I finished this for the first time yesterday. I was very disappointed to find out that end of the quest chain (after the cinematic) has been removed. Why Blizzard, whyyyy?
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    Wrathgate UC questline, by far the best for me....
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    Wrathgate was great. But during WotLK the quest afterwards to Undercity was broken. I remember waiting around for the NPCs to return to start the quest, nothing. Finally someone else there got confirmation from a GM that it was indeed broken.

    Leveled a monk recently. I got a few laughs out of the Ogre surfing on spiders in Searing Gorge.

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    There's been a ton of great quests in the game that have been mentioned. I just can't believe no one mentioned the Hunter/Priest class quests from vanilla or Linkin's quest from vanilla.

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    The Alliance Onyxia quest chain or the Missing Diplomat quests from Vanilla were pretty awesome. Great storytelling that continued through several zones!

    I also remember doing the bombing quests in Hellfire for the first time, Blizzard have kinda dried that type of quest out now days but when I first did a bombing run quest it was amazing :P

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    You Are Rakh'Likh, Demon, particularly the old version. Trekking across half of Azeroth to destroy the demon... epic.

    That and Bridenbrad. Man does that quest ever give me feels.

    Edit: And the obligatory Jailbreak. Windsor was badass. Damn you Onyxia.
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    No mention of Heroes of the Horde! ? The orc which you gave your quest to in the beginning of Hillsbrad (who turned out not to be as awesome as he claimed/looked to be) finally proves his worth BIG TIME then tells you to take care of his drake while he dies at your hands when you're rushing to your base, trying to get him healed.

    This quest is really epic. Lots of feels.
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    Rhokdelar by far. Nothing comes close imo.

    Also a pretty big fan of a lot of the wrath quest lines.

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    Cipher of Damnation


    Rhok/Lok'delar bow/staff, Anathema/Benediction staff, Quel'serrar; Vanilla was chalk full of epic quests.

    Cataclysm and MoP have been utter shit for awesome, lore hefty quest chains. Washed out streamlined crap.
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