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    That's why I am keeping a couple of stones available at all times. To avoid looking for rares of the desired breed. Getting the desired breed alone in any quality is boring enough.
    I had stones I could've used. It just bugged me to have to do so because I had a toon on a low pop server parked there and could go through once a day and kill 25-30 of them and it didn't take that long so I kept thinking "it'll happen today!" ... with only 3 breeds available I just didn't want to use the stone but I probably should have. Used one yesterday on an S/S Nether Faerie after running through that area once. Too many breeds, spread out spawns, and my last experience so I wasn't about to do it again.

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    I super highly suggest getting a friend. Have the two of you circle Northrend and whoever sees one first can start a match with it and give up when you get there. Helped me and my guildmates out a ton.
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