View Poll Results: What's your favorite Shaman tier set?

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  • Tier 1: The Earthfury

    3 2.46%
  • Tier 2: The Ten Storms

    18 14.75%
  • Tier 3: The Earthshatterer

    7 5.74%
  • Tier 4: Cyclone Harness

    13 10.66%
  • Tier 5: Cataclysm Harness

    14 11.48%
  • Tier 6: Skyshatter Harness

    32 26.23%
  • Tier 7: Earthshatter Regalia 2.0

    5 4.10%
  • Tier 8: Worldbreaker Regalia

    10 8.20%
  • Tier 9 Alliance: Nobundo's Regalia

    2 1.64%
  • Tier 9 Horde: Thrall's Regalia

    2 1.64%
  • Tier 10: Frost Witch's Regalia

    36 29.51%
  • Tier 11: Regalia of the Raging Elements

    5 4.10%
  • Tier 12: Volcanic Regalia

    11 9.02%
  • Tier 13: Spiritwalker's Regalia

    22 18.03%
  • Tier 14: Regalia of the Firebird

    5 4.10%
  • Tier 15: Regalia of the Witch Doctor

    5 4.10%
  • Tier 16: Celestial Harmony Regalia

    7 5.74%
  • Tier 17: Normal / Heroic (Preview)

    2 1.64%
  • Tier 17: Mythic (Preview)

    6 4.92%
  • Windfury Armor (Challenge Mode)

    19 15.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    A better expansion.

    Also Crown of Destruction is a huge Item, I use it with almost every set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivena View Post
    Haha, I personally think CM gear looks absolutely garbage except on a troll.
    I'm a sucker for the shoulders.
    Shaman DJDK FEINT
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyoken View Post
    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awbee View Post
    Which one is your favorite Tier set for Shaman so far and why?
    My fav. one is Tier 4: Cyclone.

    After that comes Tier's 1, 2 and 9 (Alliance).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivena View Post
    You can use Ruthless Gladiator's Energy Staff; there is a blue and green variant for it, purchasable with Honour Points in Orgrimmar. It is huge on a tauren though, I image the same on a Draenei ;-)
    You, sir/madam, are a star. This is perfect. It's gigantic and over the top and I love it, and you.

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    T5 and T6 easily.
    TBC sets were awesome.

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    Currently transmo d into:
    Duelwield fist of molten fury, Hands and shoulders from T5, rest from tier 7 (25 man) for the ultimate vengeful fiery look

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    Tier 10 is choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Blithe View Post
    I thought T6 would've been the most chosen, too. It's usually the most worn in plenty of cases. It's hard to find a Shaman that doesn't wear it, haha.

    With that being said though, most of the Shaman population on my server are wearing T6, Dark Shaman or Challenge Mode gear or there are the select few that I try to ignore that are wearing T5. Rest seem to mix and max and I find I'm one of the few if any wearing T10 at all these days. I also have a T8 set I tend to mix and match whenever I feel like switching between the colours.
    I also don't really like T5. The helmet looks kinda retarded. And its mainly because its not a kilt. Basically i'm not a fans of pants. CM may be an exception because it feels shaman enough to me. I wonder if you have the same reason with me that you seems disregard T5 lol.

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    Tier 5 Pvp colours with Warbringer/Molten fist and cape of the scarlet onslaught is the Bomb bros.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goranus View Post
    Tier 5 Pvp colours with Warbringer/Molten fist and cape of the scarlet onslaught is the Bomb bros.
    Why must you torment me so? A curse on whoever's house designed that set/weapons. :P

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    Perhaps it's just the troll in me, but tier 15 was one of my favorites.

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    The ten storms.
    Thanks for the poll.curious to see what people think.

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    Korkron Dark Shaman set, T15, CM. they did a hell of a job on shaman sets in MoP

    Also like T13 with matching color T10 helm
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    Technically t4 if you count the pvp colouration. I use that for my transmog and unless something totally wows me I don't see myself ever changing it.

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    I like Tier 4 PvE version + tier 2's helmet. Have been sporting double Decapitators since but this is generally what it looks like.

    Love it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakpoth View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razecog View Post
    I'm a sucker for the shoulders.
    This + Ten Storms

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    Tier 10 is my healing gear and tier 13 is my Enhance gear, but got full set of tier 2, 4 and 7 so would have to say those are the best ones. Not a big fan of any of the pvp sets but the challenge mode set is very Taureny.
    I don't understand the hate for tier 5 apart from the helmet it looks great, matches the fire elemental :P

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    Huge fan of t6 (and the red pvp re-color!) and t10 like everybody else.

    But I think t8 is underrated and is awesome.

    T5 would be cool if I wasn't a troll. Pants make my legs look skinny :/

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