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    Maged nerfed ever?

    Hey guys I was wondering, were mages EVER nerfed to the ground and really weak in WoW? Any season? If Yes can You explain how?

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    I don't think they've ever been weak but they've lost their OP forever position.
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    Mages weren't particularly competitive at any point in TBC arena. Sure RMP worked due to the exceptional synergy but there were only few really good teams. Compared to SL/SL Warlocks, Resto Druids, Hunters, Warriors and Rogues, Mages really kinda sucked for the whole expansion. In Wrath of the Lich King DKs and Paladins took all the ezmode titles. To be honest Mages haven't been OP very often. Sometimes, but your provocation is pretty bad or atleast misplaced.

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    There's more diversity in terms of top DPS now. Mages don't represent every DPS in top tier raids and are frequently out done by, say, warlocks, which also have a good amount of self heals, a tanking pet, etc. Hunters can also out DPS them, from what I've seen, and some others. Warriors.

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    im playing my mage in ashran atm on wod beta, they feel disgusting now, no defensives unless we sacrifice major cd's (alter time) since a few have become talents, its outragous, we dont stand a chance against much at all

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