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    Major one for me, I want to play a support class again. I really miss being able to do multiple things all at one time, and no I don't care that I'm not super at any one thing.

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    Climbing ladders and walls without the gimmicky cogwheel mechanic would be a nice feature. Also, no flying mounts (one won't miss them if they weren't there to begin with). Double jumping and sprinting with energy metrics (standard next-gen mmo features). A questing system that promotes decision making / exploration, but not in a way that will ruin a character's "completeness". Transmogrification that is learned (similar to the style of Diablo 3: RoS). A unique combat system that promotes some type of action in the game world (no more player vs. UI). The previous features would open up the possibility of better encounters across the board. Never before seen environments (no more Azeroth, but maybe we can visit? Azeroth in a different time period than WoW, possibly? I think it is important that the starting world be somewhat unfamiliar to make WoW 2 a fresh experience). With that previous statement, new and returning races / classes. Finally, an updated engine with all of the bells and whistles.

    I can only dream.

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    1) Different combat system, more Mortal kombat, Tekken style of gameplay inside an MMO.
    2) Different camera angle (destiny - closer to the characterss back)
    3) Non stat(gear) based pvp, build a pvp system up where all start out with the same changes.
    4) better character creation, fat level, high-small, mussle level, ect
    5) Start of game you get to choice a mount (animal) and you will gear this up like your character and the mount will be a combat pet in some situations.
    6) Destroyable world where you can hit a wall of floor and blow a hole into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tromage View Post
    6) Destroyable world
    A day after release there would be no more world.

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    Warcraft 4 before release of wow 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by gowron View Post
    A day after release there would be no more world.
    It will reset ofc after a few hours-minites

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    It would be much better if they did not release a second WoW but instead kept updating the current one.

    It would probably take a risk gamble from Blizzard, but I always assumed WoW 2 to be the evolution of the game after a Cataclysmic event that changes and re-shapes everything. New races, new alliances (probably more factions) etc.

    A successful delivery of updated race models certainly promises that the game is heading for that long and interesting future.
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    Better Quality visual storytelling. For example. When you go into a raid or a five man is hard to tell why you are there and what effect your actions have on the story. I think each dungeon needs to have one or two "skippable" cinematics/cutscenes (that you can later access for reference) that talk about what's going on like the Garrosh pre-rendered ones. They have improved this in MoP but it needs to go further.

    Dynamic/randomized dungeons/loot. I think this worked well in Diablo 3 and it didn't affect the story at all. Allows for infinite replayability.

    Exploit the theme of zones better, maybe with more unique events that reinforce that feeling. Burning Steppes, Duskwood, Ashenvale...have you ever looked at the floor texture in Icecrown? Some areas have the floor covered in skulls...the floor is in TERMINATOR...that kind of effect can get lost very easily. Like I said earlier, they seem to do a better job in Diablo setting up the environment but that game isn't super heavy in story and the viewing angle is far. Imagine how much better it would be in WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tromage View Post
    It will reset ofc after a few hours-minites
    Imagine 500 players putting holes in stormwind, eventho it was repaired in minutes, the city would look like shit 24/7

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    - Different combat: More of actually aiming and hitting stuff instead of just clicking
    - Larger zones
    - Better graphics, but the same artstyle
    - 3 factions (1 neutral)
    - Events that effect the game, like GW 2
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    I don´t want a WoW 2, enough of this crap. If people think that a new Blizzard MMO will feature actual innovation, they should stop kidding themselves. Look at Diablo 3, it has more in common with WoW than Diablo 2.(And that's a completely different genre)

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    Better storytelling elements - more fluid storytelling, less clunky cutscenes

    Dynamic world - weather, seasons, special events

    More interactive environments - destructible objects, traps

    Randomized guild and personal dungeons

    Active combat system

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    Subscription PAYS you 12 euro/month.
    The players set the theme and date of expac release and blizz has to deliver to that date.
    Beta stage comes after the expansion is over.
    Character aging, alts can attend the funeral.
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    I would like it not to exist. I'd prefer they'd focus on a completely new MMO, but given the current status on Titan I don't know if that's going to happen anytime soon.

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    I'd just like to see at least four specs for every class, a couple new classes, and all of those taken and redesigned without necessarily holding onto the baggage that fans can't seem to realize they don't need. (e.g. Heroic Strike)

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