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    Will farming be included and updated within WoD ?

    Just asking if it is still possible on the new continent ?

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    Farming as in... grinding mobs? Well, as far as we know that'll work as well as ever.
    Farming as in... your MoP farm? Nope, but you can still go back and use that one.

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    You mean the farm from MoP ? It'll stay as it is. Garrison is your new hobby now.

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    The MoP farm is superceded by the Wod Garrison.

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    Like Tillers? Not sure yet. I know they were including Fishing Shack, Mine, and Farm for the Garrison. But I havent seen it on the blueprint list. Might be something you unlock via questing. But I am not sure it will be the same Tillers where it will provide all of the materials youll need for different professions.

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