Thread: Xu-Fu bugged?

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    Xu-Fu bugged?

    The last two weeks in the celestial tournament, I've been getting to turn 4-5 against Xu-fu and he's usually at like 30% or so (I use Sunreaver micro sentry(Call lightning) then swap to upgraded blingtron, use make it rain then inflation and by the third inflation this happens) the pet battle randomly ends and it gives me credit for winning.

    Has this been happening to anyone else? I can beat him fairly easily so its not like I feel like I'm cheating, but its just really strange that it just randomly ends, no victory message or anything, just ends and gives you credit.
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    Does the same for me with completely different pets.
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    It's not specific to Xufu. It frequently happens with auto-attacking moves that eventually will finish off an opponent (such as the aforementioned Inflation; it also does it with Flock and Hunting Party and the like).

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