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    The secondary profession dailies only award 125 (base) reputation each, you're not missing out on much.

    A single egg gives about the same rep, although I've personally only ever saw one. I wasn't exactly looking for them and I'd rather do a few extra days of dailies than flying around cliff tops. That's what I did for my main character, I got the rep purely from dailies and the quest chain and it didn't take long at all. Most alts have got it at exalted from all the Timeless Isle eggs I found.

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    I've been able to get from Neutral to Exalted in one day by doing the quests (excluding the profession quests) and gathering eggs. Granted, this was before realms started merging, and I already had one character at Exalted at that point.

    It shouldn't take long. Just do the dailies every day and throw in a few egg runs every now and then.
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    Farm eggs in between queues. There are plenty of guides for the spawn points. I went to exalted in just a few hours, but I am on a low population server and had no competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraftwerk View Post
    I dont even... you're struggling to get cloud serpent rep?? When I first hit 90 I was done in two days, just from flying round a couple of hours a day egg hunting and doing dailies. Didn't do a single profession daily.

    Furthermore, just go to the timeless isle and look for the red eggs, thats a lot of rep from those. This is possible one of the easiest factions to get to exalted I have ever grinded. It took absolutely minimal time. Perhaps try a real grind, maybe one the Insane factions or Shao Hao rep for the heavenly golden cloud serpent.
    I know these are old posts, but am new to the game and am now trying to get the cloud serpent. ive managed to find help with everything including onyx eggs except HOW you fly to farm them. I am not able to fly on any of my other mounts in Pandaria and of course I do not have my serpent yet, so HOW HOW DO I GET UP TO EGGS. thanks in advance for any advice

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