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    Resto only suggestion:

    If no enemy is selected (or an ally is selected), your Elemental Blast will automatically attack a nearby enemy that is in combat with you (ignores crowd control targets).

    Prefers enemies that are being attacked by the majority of your raid-mates, causes no threat and it will not change your currently selected target.

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    Should heal a target for about a normal healing wave, and give a spirit buff.

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    That twitt is 2 months old. Don't get your hopes up.

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    I don't understand why it can't jsut be turned into a completely new talent all together, I mean its happened in other tiers and with other classes so why not just scrap it for resto and give us something compete with the other two talent choices.

    If we really have to keep it, make it able to heal or something like that, same animation etc although preferably more earthy/watery and just make it like healing wave but yeah it gives stats etc.

    Would be an interesting choice then, not sure numerically what it'd turn out like but I'm guessing having extra haste/Multistrike and those other stats wouldn't be a bad thing really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffon View Post
    1. It's effect is pure earth, fire, frost.
    2. It can only be cast on enemy target.

    Now as a Restoration Shaman, I'm used to my spells being, well of the water? Perhaps earth, but that's okay..

    Problem is, I never target enemies ever when I'm playing my Restoration Shaman, so why can't we use Elemental Blast on friendly target to gets it effect?

    It's such a dumb design choice. It's a talent that is completely the same for Restoration, as it's for Elemental.

    At least other classes get some kind of alternation when changing from their damage, tank spec to healer spec. Sigh.
    Not a single Shaman talent changes when you change spec from dps to healer. (Current max level 90, live talk)

    I always target the enemy when playing my Resto Shaman. With VuhDo you can easily program in every single one of your spells to be a mouseover macro, which makes healing faster and easier anyway. Since I don't need to target someone to heal them, I target the enemy to see what he's casting, etc.

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    EB does suck for resto so how about it costs no mana and causes the next healing spell cast within the 10 seconds to cost no mana and not incur a cooldown.
    But it could still provide the buff of random secondary stat and work like the jade spirit enchant so that when you're below 25% mana it always provides spirit.

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