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    I think the OP makes an excellent summary of both what has changed in WoW, and what (and why) people find "wrong" with the approach they don't prefer. I enjoyed the "roleplaying" WoW much more than the game that has emerged after multiple expansions and may patches; that doesn't mean the current version of WoW is "wrong" (it isn't), just that its a different game, enjoyed in different ways (and often by different people) than the original Class/BC-era WoW was. What does get my hackles up is players who insist "the game is the same as it has always been" and try to pretend it hasn't changed. It also irks me a little when Blizzard calls it an MMORPG. I'm not sure what the correct definition would be, but it's RPG elements have been... heavily pruned.
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    no rpg games ever have flying. and for a good reason. now that you opened that can of worms this thread is as good as dead.

    I guess Morrowind, Daggerfall etc. are not RPGs then. Nice conclusion.

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