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    Curious idea about the legendary items.

    So, I was at work and it kinda dawned on me, what if they're being used for the Class Accessories?


    It looks like there are certain levels to classes accessories. Maybe the highest or best level of the accessory is from Mythic only and is a legendary drop? I know this idea is extremely far-fetched but I would find it pretty interesting assuming the accessories are extremely well made/awesome kinda thing if it requires a legendary for their final stage.

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    I would welcome it. Gives players a chance to stand out by having better Class Accessories, could be a cool chance to show off your progress.
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    Like, I was looking at the most recent ones and you have
    "Felbreaker's Tome" Lock
    "Sigil of the Sorcerer king" Mage
    "Abrogator Stone" Ummm... Warrior? Lol.

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