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    Help DPS Woes

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    I am having difficulty raising my dps to where i want it to be. i lag behind the other dps with comparable gear level in the group. my dps seems to be all over the place.. some fights i am top of the dps.. and other fights i am 50-100k dps lower than the top.. what am i doing wrong that i need to improve? ( i have been forced to SMF due to weapon drops.. but recently got got a 2 hander and switched back to Titans grip.)

    (i have 2 Normal Mode 1 handed weapons for SMF)
    (i have 1 Normal Mode 2 Handed weapon & 1 Flex 2 Handed for Titans grip)

    i have always used two handers till now.. my dps just seems off and ive read everything and still have not improved it. what do i need to do.. here are my logs for our raid last night.

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    Please use the thread linked above.

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