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    I have checked some old gear models (shoulders) on new model... something is definitely wrong there. They seems to chop in the hands. Also what about tail length option? And those tentacles - well at least they fixed no tentacle face now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IIamaKing View Post
    Them to redo the classic models first, like they said.
    Shh. You don't want to wake the "Blizzard never promised" zealots.
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    I have no stake in the male draenei since I've always rolled female, but just at a glance at the pictures presented...
    the original gives me the feeling of wisdom with tempered power, while the new one looks like he's about to throttle someone.
    I think it's the extra shadowing around the eyes and the darker eyebrows which give this 'angry' appearance.

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    Its a definite improvement, but a tauren-wannabe, Davy Jones look alike, squid-faced space-goat is still a tauren-wannabe, Davy Jones look alike, squid-faced space goat.
    I'm rolling a Blunt Elf... That's a high-elf that likes to party.

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    TIL Blizzard employees apparently don't know what necks are.

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    At this current time, (of this post) the face is too high definitive in comparison to the body, plus the body is way too comparable to the tauren, maybe chisel into him a little more?

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    where are the new troll models you fucking cunts

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    I dunno. I'm definitely race changing from Pandaren to Draenei. I'm impressed so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greydonk View Post
    Is absolutely no one is going to comment on the creepy unnecessary arm veins?
    Honestly, we get it Blizz, he's a guy and he has to have testosterone bursting out of every orifice... but christ if you've got veins popping out of your arms when you're just standing around you need to see a doctor.

    However the modeling/shading of the face is superb.
    Has nothing to do with testosterone, it's what happens when you have low body fat. At my leanest I had visible veins in my arms (albeit not that extreme) and I'm a 5 foot woman. It is a bit disconcerting that that's the only visible vein though. If you're going to add that much detail, it looks weird when you half ass it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilent View Post
    I dunno. I'm definitely race changing from Pandaren to Draenei. I'm impressed so far.
    Damn, i must say that even if i don't like that transmog at all, that (same)face looks both angry and stern and i really like it. And looking at this picture (spoiler?) that new pose looks great, even if it's small and hammer is blocking much of it. My paladin is human male, but i could change it to female or male draenei after 6.0... argh.
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    I really do hope they are still working on the tentacles. I would have liked to see them more integrated with the face, and would have liked the stripes to stand out more as jewelry...more like they did on the tail. And as with the other models they've shown, a wrist would be nice. Otherwise I like the model. It looks pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Chaos View Post
    Because people would 4/4 main and offspec kit to fast or complete legendary and end up with nothing to do and unsub. The cap at this point is serving as a way to keep customers subbing as its leaving them something to go for the next week.
    There's plenty of things to go for "next week" without relying on the artificial gate. Not everyone has cleared SoO, downed Garrosh Normal/Heroic, gotten PVp titles, etc. Limiting player growth potential only serves to make people not want to bother, IMO.


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    I haven't criticized any of the models so far, but the lack of neck in the new draenei male model... Just... give them necks... please...

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    New model is just as bad as old one.

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    This is just awful! Give the poor guy some thoracic extension!!!

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    Yay! The UI group finder change looks awesome. BUT! It needs to be more obvious so people will know it's there.

    Don't want it turning out the way the current raid browser works, where a lot of WoW players still have no idea it exists or how to use it. Maybe Blizzard can make a tutorial video on the front page one day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OperationFerret View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fablewynd View Post
    Everything looks fantastic, other than the tentacles - they look like there's still a bit of work to be done on them. Once that's done they'll look perfect.
    Yeah, I agree, the tentacles are totally throwing me off. But other than that I am looking forward to switching back to make Draenei, getting sick of my worgen.

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    They used to look wise and gentle sort of, now they look a bit similar with blood elf males, they look down on everyone or like everything around them smelled like kodo poopz and slightly irritated. The neck does look a little short too. Otherwise I think they look really nice now, just the general feel of the face has changed. Those tentacles are hopefully a work in progress <_>

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    Well... I looked at the new model, then at an old one... and to be honest, there are much more minuses in an "upgraded" version.
    An old model is graceful, while the new one is looks like a stump. New model is just don't looks attractive, without a neck and this specific for draenei race spine curve.
    Face and expressions are really cool, but not on this body. Draenei were very beautiful race, with the Orient grace. Now both male and female models are lost their elegance.
    Yes, I know that game is about war, so there isn't any place for such a things like beauty, elegance.
    I'm afraid what will I see instead of Blood elves, when they'll be released. War machines. Cubical form.

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    so cool omg omg

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