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    There is no way Blizzard would ever do that.

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    I would say yes but on the other hand sub numbers are what keep blizzard "in line" so to speak. If sub numbers hit a all time low during X expansion they know they went wrong somewhere and look for feedback I would assume, So in a world without sub numbers or reduced sub numbers blizzard could put out just about any content they want and tell the guys who bought a lifetime sub to suck it where someone paying a monthly fee can continue to vote with their wallet.
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    Now ? No.

    Few years ago sure.

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    For $2-300? Sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    Who in their right mind would pay between 600-1500 for a game?
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    For $200-$300 i would. It'd save me money in the long run (exactly why they'll probably never offer this) .

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    They would much more likely offer to tie you to a sub for a limited time, offering some other value added service with it, much like they did with the Annual Pass.
    Offering lifetime accounts only makes (business) sense when you know your lifetime is limited, so the day they announce it, you know the end-date for WoW is near (or at least known)

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    $200? No way. I would regret it every time I get bad news in patch notes.

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    Yes but blizz wouldn't do it. They'd lose money eventually.

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    The only way that I would do it is if I get all expansions that come out free as well, and it doesn't cost more than $14.99.

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    and ppls said blizz is greedy, omg what a big big mistake, since only what I see here is...meh...

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    Sure, if it was $60, like a normal B2P game.
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    Lifetime sub? LMAO you might as well just cut ur dick off and mail it to blizzard in a box.

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    Considering WoW costs $180 a year to play, $300 for a lifetime sub would pay off in 1.7 years. So I'd call that a massive fuck off bargain myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamyz View Post
    They would much more likely offer to tie you to a sub for a limited time, offering some other value added service with it, much like they did with the Annual Pass.
    I wish they'd do more APs. Free loot for me!
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    My lifetime, or WoW's lifetime?
    Big difference in what one would pay I guess

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