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    the only raid i didnt like was dragonsoul
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    I enjoy it, I just don't farm raids. Killing the boss on normal once is enough for me, too much drama after that and in heroic mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroVane View Post
    i raid 3 days a week, 4 hours a night, and i've cleared all mop content on heroic 25 in the top 100 US. Whenever i see someone complain about how they cant raid because they don't have the time i just laugh, because the number of guilds that raid 5-6 days a week anymore is tiny, and if you can't set aside a night or two a week to raid normal at least you just have no ability to budget your time.
    I have no time because I have 4 kids under the age of 3. Tell me about how your 3 days a week/4 hours a night is conducive in my situation. By all means, laugh about how I can't commit to a raid schedule. Don't pretend you know the level of responsibilities of another person.

    OT : I raided for a couple years. Sometimes I miss it. I don't necessarily miss the raiding as opposed to the good times I had with the people I was playing with. Now I prefer to do things in smaller groups in order to alleviate trying to have so many people maintain time commitments.

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    Seems incredibly dumb to play a game for that long you don't enjoy.
    That's typically a trait of addiction.

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    I've raided at a server first level since the game launched and enjoyed it the entire way except for Wrath Naxx (the only time I've ever felt like anything Blizzard has done was a slap in the face). I've grown up with this game. I finished high school and college, began my career and developed my adult life all while raiding at a high level. It's been a lot of fun. Still greatly enjoying it.

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    I've been playing WoW since late TBC, and raiding since mid-tier 7. Since then, I've cleared every raid on normal, and most of them all on heroic. I raid 3 days for 3 hours. I've played with different groups, that I made a lot of friends out of just because of raiding together. With my current group, we're at Siegecrafter 10 HC.

    Granted we're killing stuff at a slower pace to other guilds, I can't say that I've had a moment where I thought that raiding wasn't for me. At the start of each raid tier, people get serious to get kills. Then as we feel that bosses are becoming a joke and repetitive, we either don't do them or just joke around while killing the bosses.

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    Since ICC times until January this year.. And I didn't stop because it was no longer enjoyable, but because I had real life problems I had to deal with.

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    Well - 8 years, if you include 3-4 hours a night in IF for a year looking for a raid so I could get some experience raiding to join a raiding guild.

    I suspect the 1st year of looking wasn't so enjoyable - since then awesome.

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    Raided from bc---> a few months after killing heroic garrosh(stopped cause irl stuff) as a heavy alt raider as well...i was clearing raids on 2-4 toons weekly since New Naxx and enjoying it ....but i slowed down on alts a lot more in MoP because at a point you just get tired of grinding the legendary cloak questline out and settle for 4 toons with it(or atleast i do)

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    Raided from 2006 to 2011 and enjoyed. Not so much at the end.

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