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  • Shadow Priest

    12 25.00%
  • Affliction Warlock

    10 20.83%
  • Demonology Warlock

    12 25.00%
  • Destruction Warlock

    12 25.00%
  • Not sure.

    2 4.17%
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    Question Between us who worship dark magical powers. (Priest & Warlock)

    So between us who worship dark magical powers, shadow powers, fel powers, all those sorts of magical powers you cast.

    Why do you favor one over the other? or do you like them equally much.

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    I have always liked the "idea" of a demonology warlock and think it could be something really great potentially. But i've never been a fan of it's implementation. Even with the revamp, using the whole demon hunter metamorphosis thing as the core mechanic your junk balances around is kind of cool I guess but it just doesn't really seem to fit. I think one of the coolest and most thematic demonology abilities is the one that spawns imps when you attack every X amount of seconds. I think having a little swarm of demons is a neat concept. I think demo warlocks could be able to control multiple demons at a time, and I don't mean a shitty uncontrollable one on a cooldown and a short duration, I mean permanently control multiple demons and be balanced around that concept. But pet classes are very rarely done to a decent standard in MMOs, they're always stuck with the one-pet bullshit.

    Destro is my favorite spec because chaos bolts are just fun, but the rotation is a bit simplistic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    Destro is my favorite spec because chaos bolts are just fun, but the rotation is a bit simplistic.
    I think Affliction (for me) is complicated, perhaps easy to learn, but hard to master.
    So when thinking about it, it's quite nice to have a simplistic Destruction for Warlock. Yes.

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    Afflliction Warlock, because it's fun to spread aids.
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    Regardless of whether they're good during a patch or not, I like the idea of Shadow Priests. Warlocks aren't far removed from Mages as far as taking power from unseen forces to put something on you that hurts. A Shadow Priest calls upon the very concept of isolation, bitterness and suffering and injects it directly into their victims. It isn't "here, hold this fire oh god it burns doesn't it" it's "from now until you can escape from me, to even exist is to suffer."

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    I've played a priest since BC, and never really cared much for shadow. It can be fun sometimes, but in comparison to other classes this expansion it's felt pretty lacking. If WoD adds some good changes to them, I might play that spec much more.

    Currently my favorite is Destruction Warlock. I have two. I love them, but I haven't really had much of a chance to play Affliction and Demonology. Based on what it sounds like for WoD changes, I get the feeling though that I'm going to have to say goodbye to my beloved Destro and give the other two specs a chance.

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    Demonology. Having Felguard as a pet is just badass. It's nice that throughout the years they made a quite simple spec much more deeper and engaging to play (althought a bit overpowered at first).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taftvalue View Post
    Afflliction Warlock, because it's fun to spread aids.

    Well... more or less.

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    Spriest. Afflictions are theme-based really well made, but its spriest that take the cake. It visible from an airplane that they are made after the H.P. Lovecraft ideas of dark arts that are connected with shadowy fiends from beyond and beneath the depths, and all of the mind-magic. A lot more sinister approach than your usual demons-n-fire warlock. Gameplay wise, mop affly is braindead and I prefer spriest now.
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    Destruction Warlock. When it needs to die... NOW. Painfully.

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    Shadow Priests, easily.
    Warlock (at least Demo and Destro) is just way too much 'in your face' - the magic of Shadow Priests is far more subtle and elegant.
    And demons are lame.

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    Demonology Warlock all the way. How could you not want to transform into a badass demon with wings and little imp minions setting shit on fire with their fire bolts? Although I will agree with some people when they say the rotation just feels a little too messy and I think it needs a bit more work. It's still my favorite spec and also my main spec but I kinda think it should be a bit less 'messy' I guess you can say. It gets kinda annoying having to transform into demon mode every 30 seconds. I think the metamorphosis should be like the Paladin's Avenging Wrath buff spell where it just makes all your abilities stronger while also changing your appearance which was actually how it used to be I think. Either that or it should be more like how Druids use Moonkin form all the time for DPS. Like, instead of having to transform every 30 seconds or so it would just be a permanent form until you turn it off like the druid transformations. Instead of Touch of Chaos though it would just be shadow bolts because I love casting shadow bolts.
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    Hard to say, it changes all the time.

    Have mostly been a fan of destruction and affliction, though I started disliking affliction after TBC - it just became too simple and boring.
    Not that destruction or demo is any more difficult though.

    Destruction because of the chaos and well, destruction.
    Affliction because of the slow(er) agonizing death you inflict on your enemies.

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