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    Arrow Instant Resurrection anywhere in the game.

    This bug was discovered in Stonetalon Mountains: Plateau Cliffwalker location. Thanks to a small trick, you have the opportunity to be resurrected at any location in the game. Including on the battlegrounds, in the dungeons too (at the expense of the arena, I do not know). You will need a healer in the group, which will resurrect you when you get killed. Instructions in the description below the video

    You can watch this video for example how to do this:
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    Instructions unclear: lots of backwards N's (и), mishapen A's (д), and inexplicable 3's (з) used as letters.
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    Next time before making a thread try to at least have a reasonable discussion topic and not use this forum to rant about simple matters.

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    Considering that is obviously unintended behavior and would qualify as an exploit, I am closing this. We don't allow posting of exploits here.

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