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    Hmm, last I looked MfD was more than anticipation for my rogue (granted that was a while ago) at 581 ShC is indeed showing anticipation as slightly ahead. SimC shows MfD a fair bit ahead even in BiS gear.

    In the T16H gear, using the default combo profile with Anticipation shows 495.5k, MfD at <=1cp @ 497.1k, MfD at <=2cp @ 497.2k, MfD at <=3cp @ 496.6k, MfD at <=4 cp @ 495.2k

    Anticipation saves cps, but the number of cps it saves, even if similar to the number of cps generated by MfD are worth less because the combo points that anticipation saves (prevents from wasting) still cost energy. MfD is an energy-free 5 combo points per minute. Using Anticipation for BG advancement amounts to increasing the damage of one finisher by 30%, that's it (you're trading 1 finisher at no insight to get 1 additional finisher in deep insight). In the grand scheme of things the BG gaming from anticipation is almost nothing. Most of the value of anticipation comes from 'saving' cps from RvS procs (which is probably on the order of 3-5 per minute outside of adrenblades). Most of the value in MfD for combat is that you get 5 free cps per minute at 0 energy cost.

    Either way. Blizzard did a very good job balancing the two against each other for PvE and I've grown to really like playing MfD in PvE endgame content.

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    Do you know if in BiS gear 4 cp finishers during shadow blades sim higher than 5cps? I'm not sure how to set that up. Or well has there ever been a conclusion on this? Elitistjerks guide mentions it needs testing.

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