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    The things you guys find to complain about is truly amazing to me. If they offered services everywhere people wuold complain about how all capital cities arent populated enough. And what's stopping you from reforge/transmogging in Pandaria and porting to Ironforge after to afk in? Like this website is founded on inane complaining but this is one of the top ones for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wych View Post
    Always loved Ironforge, would rotate between there and Goldshire.

    Back in Vanilla I was never sure whether Stormwind or Ironforge was the true capital, it was fun seeing both bristling with players
    I started playing just after the drop of 1.11 so there's always been an AH in SW for me (linked AH introduced in 1.9, with AQ). But even then, SW was busy but IF was where "the cool kids" hung out. It could get really laggy in there, but after that first visit I didn't want to go back to SW. It was all so much cooler looking and more convenient. Not just relative location to other places but internally, it's more convenient than SW (or Darn or the Exodar).

    On the Horde side I similarly prefer UC to every other Horde city. It's layout is very much like IF and therefore easy to get around, but it also has a very cool look. They intentionally designed the Forsaken art direction to be very Tim Burton and nowhere is this more apparent than in UC.

    Regarding layout, I think both Shattrath and Dalaran are successful at being such useful hub cities precisely because they also follow a "wheel" layout.
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    People gravitated to Ironforge because it was the only Alliance city with an auction house, as well as being closest to virtually every piece of endgame content at the time (Blackrock Mountain was a short hop away, it was closer than Stormwind to the Plaguelands, and it was just a single flight path away from Menethil Harbor for reaching Kalimdor). The only thing Stormwind was close to was Zul'Gurub, and that didn't even come until patch 1.7. Darnassus was near absolutely nothing and was thus a ghost town.

    When Blizzard added auction houses to Stormwind and Darnassus in patch 1.9, the population spread out slightly, but it wasn't until The Burning Crusade released that players made the mass exodus from Ironforge to Stormwind (because of its proximity to the Dark Portal). Wrath of the Lich King then added Stormwind Harbor for getting to Northrend; it's true that Menethil Harbor also had a boat, but as it was still a flight path away from Ironforge most players didn't make the move - especially because most trade between players still took place in Stormwind. Darnassus and the Exodar, of course, were still pretty dead as they weren't near anything relevant, and were used primarily by players who wanted to hang out in a city without many other people (mostly for reasons of lag).

    By the time Cataclysm added zone portals (and eventually ethereal vendors) to Stormwind, Ironforge had been abandoned as the main city by players for more than three years.

    So no, Blizzard did not kill Ironforge. We did.
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    Ironforge isnt the only city thats been abandoned. so has undercity, silvermoon, Exodar, Thunderbluff,Darnassus those cities dont have transmog, void storage, reforgers or portals.

    I try to visit Undercity as much as possible but its just not as convenient. In tbc i hung out in Ironforge a lot when I played alliance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconja View Post
    Agreed, let the players decide their faction's capital simply by numbers in each major city.
    It doesn't and shouldn't work that way. If the players chose the faction's capital, well... story telling could just bugger off, eh?

    The other cities could stand a make over, sure... but we shouldn't be picking anything in terms of story. That's not our place.

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    In Burning Crusade, I saw more people in IF than in SW, and I was okay with that. Most people in the city stuck around the trade district, as many do today. But the main area around the bank in IF was chock-full of people doing things, sitting around, dueling, going places, etc. I always preferred IF, even in Wrath when I had to go to a main city for an AH or something. Back when Dalaran had portals to go anywhere basically. When Cataclysm hit and the changes to SW happened, many people started going away from IF because of the massive amounts of convenience SW had.

    It added the portals to all the Cata zones you would want to go to, not to mention slapping an AH and bank a stone's throw away from the portal area. Why bother going to IF or any other Alliance city when SW has everything? MoP didn't help when it added the portal to Jade Forest near the Cata portals. It also has the Brawler's Guild in roughly the same area of SW. Almost every single thing you want from a capital, barring transmog/reforging/upgrading which is just one district away, the Dwarven District of SW has it. Bank, AH, Cata portals, Brawler's Guild, Pandaria portal. The other things such as honor/conquest/justice/valor vendors can be found elsewhere of course but the point still stands.

    Some argue that you can still go to IF, TB, UC, etc. True, you can. But why would you? It's an inconvenience to do so when SW(and Org) have everything you need in a capital. Less so if you are a mage but that's irrelevant for 10 of the 11 classes in most cases.

    Since Blizzard's doing the whole connected realm thing and have been doing so for a while, now(and before now honestly) is a perfect opportunity to make every capital equal. Imagine if you will, Silvermoon City's Bazaar area having Cataclysm portals and quests to lead to cataclysm/Pandaria questing areas, the Pandaria portal as well as having the ethereals there. Apply the same thing to Exodar, Darnassus, Thunder Bluff, Ironforge, and the Undercity.

    The only downside would be the population spreading out, and would be more noticeable on lower population servers. Again I remind everyone of the connected realms thing Blizz is doing. Not to mention that if you ever get the chance, go to Area 52-US on Horde and go to Orgrimmar on any given day. It's nuts. I ask you, how many people, a rough estimate, do you see in Stormwind or Orgrimmar on your server? Either peak times or sometime early in the afternoon/late at night, etc. Now how many less or more people do you think you would see if every city was made equally convenient?

    Something to think about.

    Edit: I don't hate Stormwind, or Orgrimmar. I just hate how every other city basically doesn't exist because of the former two cities' convenience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakpoth View Post
    I find it unreasonable to ask for other than obvious reasons, when the reason obviously is the obvious reason.

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    Ironforge was lag central. They moved everyone to SW to cut down on the lag.

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    They added an auction house and everyone flocked to sw.

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    IF was my main city all the way from vanilla through WotLK. It wasn't until Cata that I moved to SW. Main city meaning of the faction capitals (not Shatt/Dal/etc.).

    Always loved IF and I wish it was as alive as it used to be. I remember the pre-Wrath event and everyone running around in their turning into zombies in the halls and others trying to get away. IF was crazy during the scourge invasion. Good times!

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    Remember that you could duel in Ironforge.... go behind the pillar and accept duel !!! was awesome dueling in the city

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    It will cost thousands of manhour and an expansion to make a change.

    Mod-note; Lets not turn this thread to more of these silly and stupid memes. I understand your commenting but I do not accept if it leads into, "It'll cost a raid tier/expansion/dungeon" so on.
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    I do not need to be constructive in this thread, nor provide an argument. There is nothing here to actually debate. Your reasoning is flawed and thusly you have no argument.
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    Miss dueling behind the pole in front of everyone or under the stairs by the dummies. Or "Duel?"..."Out front." Or wall hopping WAY faster than everyone else and then having them ask how you did that. One of the fondest memories I have as a lowbie towards the end of Vanilla was the DING of the auction house while the Ironforge music was playing =)

    Ironforge was my main hangout all the way up until Cata when we were pretty much forced to Stormwind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Newgate View Post
    Get a proper realm then, my realm still has near 100 pple in IF.
    Oh let me go to the realm shop and get a new one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nozil View Post
    Seriously, like wtf ?

    Ironforge was THE best capital in Vanilla, where everyone was... It's way more beautiful and mythic than Stormwind, but still, they killed it, with all quests now directing to SW, not even a Reforger and mog in IF, why ?

    What do you think ?

    Yeah in Vanilla Ironforge was the favored capital. Pre-flying in Azeroth, the spoke and wheel shape of IF made it easy to get things done in town. Added Bonus was centralized location in Eastern Kingdoms, and close to boat they went to fairly centralized location in Kalimdor. I have always hated that they pushed the "capital" to SW and Org. Bliz wants a busy city feel and offering all services across all major cities spreads the population around.

    Now the shrine in MoP and SW pretty much offer the same services. In WoD I'm sure it becomes Shrine, SW, and whatever new capital ends up being will have all the same services. It's probably time to just have all services in all major cities again. If you are on a High Pop, faction dominated server SW or Org are stupid busy and if you are on a low pop realm nothing is fooling you into believing the city is busy.

    Or hey lets go the complete opposite direction!

    Ironforge will have the Auction House, Stormwind will have the Player Bank, Darnassius will have Guild Banks. Transmog will be in New Tinkertown. Void Storage in Dalaran. All the trainers will be in Exodar. There will be portals in the new capital city, but they will only go to your garrison. Due to lack of immersion Mailboxes will be removed from the game.

    Similar arrangement for Horde of course!

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    i still use Ironforge as my primary city. way better than stormwind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Vanilla was what, 7-8 years ago? Why choose now to complain about it?

    If you love it then use it. Nothing is stopping you.
    portals and all necessary vendors are. Like, seriously people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geogaddi View Post
    The things you guys find to complain about is truly amazing to me. If they offered services everywhere people wuold complain about how all capital cities arent populated enough. And what's stopping you from reforge/transmogging in Pandaria and porting to Ironforge after to afk in? Like this website is founded on inane complaining but this is one of the top ones for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thunterman View Post
    stormwind is the capital of the alliance. Ironforge is a giant quest hub for level 10's with a AH
    Wonderful argument. Stormwind is the capital of one race. Ironforge is the capital of 2 races. Ironforge is central in EK, Stormwind is not. IF is certainly easier to find your way around, and it's hard to argue that it's not more pleasing to the eye, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    i still use Ironforge as my primary city. way better than stormwind.
    And I use Thunder Bluff as my capital when on my Horde toons. But that doesn't mean it's THE capital, sadly, although I wish they both were. Needs more peeps! Urgh Stormwind. Nty.

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    Ironforge was the Alliance capital until in Cataclysm the portals got thrown in Stormwind randomly.

    I still have great distaste for that choice.

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    Used to love hanging around lagforge back in vanilla

    Personally I would love to see more love for Exodar...

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    Ironforge had the best location by far. Closest to all of the major raids before AQ40, 66 second flights to the harbor if you want to reach onyxia or orgrimmar. AH and Bank next to each other, and the hardest city for horde to invade. The infamous lag wall was the final defense against 80 man raids onto the city.

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