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    why has pvp gear historically been gimp and trending in WoD

    For instance, PvE gear has at times, but not always, been on level or better than the PvP gear. PvP gear has never been good in PvE. In WoD they are removing resil and giving PvP gear scaling ilvl that increases when you enter combat with a player. All this means is that the PvP gear will be gimp in PvE. Meanwhile PvE gear always has a high ilvl and will always be good in PvP and PvE both. It's likely the PvE gear will also have set bonuses that are way more damage oriented that will end up making them better for any kind of burst comp.

    why is blizzard so bad at this

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    With ilvls for pvp gear scaling up in pvp combat/zones in WoD they might finally fix this. At least in arena/rbgs where you can't get full value out of mythic pve gear.
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    1. PVE set bonuses are disabled in PVP (Not sure if it includes WPVP or not, but certainly in instanced PVP)
    2. Base item level for conquest gear is between normal and heroic raid gear, so it is not that bad
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    Currently, in a BG or Arena with PvE gear you'll get destroyed. Your ilvl gets scaled down and you usually barely hit as hard as those who have PvP gear. On top of that, squishy.

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