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    Pretty much every druid spec except restoration.

    I'll probably piss off all sorts of druids by saying this, but aside from resto, every single druid spec is a watered-down, less interesting version of another class and plays nearly the same. Why play Guardian if I could just be a warrior? Why Feral if I have a rogue? Why balance when I could be...well, any other caster?
    I really don't get how people main this class. It's like a weaker muddle of a lot of other classes.

    Honorable mention goes to combat rogues, enhancement shaman and demonology warlocks post-5.3.

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    Mage and enh shaman.

    Boring mechanics.
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    Least appealing class would be druid (mostly feral)
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    I don't dislike any class, really, but there are some specs that annoy me more than others. For instance, dot-heavy specs. I think it's fine single target, they don't bother me at all then, but when you've got multiple dots and multiple and hitting dots and trying to know which ones are dotted and which are thanks.
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