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    Silentleaf Armorset

    im searching for this Set http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1493. It was a quest reward but since i sold it at the beginning of early MoP, i can't find it anywhere. Is there a Vedor for this?

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    "This set, Green, is only available from quest rewards."

    First post on WoWHead, sadly. Don't believe there is a vendor.

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    They don't restore items that disappeared from item restore list. Tried to get back purple plate set I sold back in October of 2012, to no avail. Even despite having done Loremaster on char I wanted them on.

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    There are vendors but I don't think they sell the green version.

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    Correct, they sell the yellow version. (Which IMO is the best looking one, albeit I feel your pain)
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    What?! They said soon? Well you dont hear that everyday, I dont know about you guys but that has put my mind at total rest.

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