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    23 hunters 2 healers 1 tank. We really didn't even need the tank..

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    Flex Garrosh.

    Ignore the rambling by yours truly.


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    25 hunters could not cleanse the insidious plague known as pride. Kappa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaity View Post
    25 hunters could not cleanse the insidious plague known as pride. Kappa
    That's right! ....

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    Bumping for updates.

    We are going to plan a 10 man Lei Shen and Ra-Den kill for Saturday, August 15th. While not mandatory, I would like to encourage stronger players to attend this week so we can at least say we are 12/13 heroic, 13/14 flex, 16/16 heroic in tier 14. This matters a lot to me, and to anyone in the hunter community who is supporting us I once again thank you for the continuous raids and fun we try to have in each of these.

    I'll of course ask you all, this raid will NOT reclear through tier 15 (It's boring, we've done it enough, we understand) and we just want to get an opportunity to kill what I think we can kill left for progression before doing very community oriented events like what I had in plan for tier 14 heroic reclears with lower geared/skilled folks.

    Happy beta testing!

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