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    Best DPS OS for 2h-tank gear?

    I have i542 ilvl, and I was wondering with that, whats the best dps spec to use for questing, as I dont really want to spend time and bother gearing up for an OS where all that will change is crit.

    With tank gear, is unholy or frost better, and why?
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    2h frost. obl shit to death before you see them basically
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    I tried both I am using 2h Frost, Big Obliterate crits are pretty satisfying to see. Also I didn't really like my ghoul that much

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    It's already been said just 2H frost with that ilvl it will be close enough to unholy in a raid anyway, but for questing frost pwns unholy imo just no ramp up apply disease just hit them with oblit and they dead. Oh and you don't have to swap wep's or gear just change spec and ready to go.
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    Your'e talking questing which I assume is for wod so keep these things in mind:

    1. Your dodge/parry will change to a different stat in 6.0 so you will be fairly optimal for any spec with the exception of a few +bonus armor pieces.

    2. Frost is likely better than unholy due to it not favoring multistrike which isn't available on 6.0 gear.

    3. Frost is also likely better than unholy due its ease of using death strike, though the new dark succor passive mitigates this.

    4. Frost is less reliant on dots which should make for faster questing.

    Keeping these things in mind, you really have all options available for WoD, even dw provided you can find some weapons in the next 5 months.

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    Frost can also use Death Siphon pretty easily due to always having Death Runes, and Siphon is a great ranged pull and decent self-heal. Death Strike doesn't heal terribly well outside of Blood, unless you run Dark Succor but even then only after a killing blow.
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