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    Miss: When there was no crossrealm and servers had a community.

    Don't Miss: When Crossrealm came to be... it killed wow... fuuuk.

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    I miss being required to have a Guild or friends to do stuff. Right now you can play this Game solo and see everything. You can fucking disable your Chat and do everything. Its like a fucking Singleplayer-MMO with Strangers running around you. They made all Classes the same, like all healers can Groupheal and Single-Target Heal and Dispel and have Hots and Buffs and Absorbs... same for Tank and DPS.

    I'd take Vanilla/TBC over anything else.

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    i miss the old world before cata.
    gone are the magic, the secrets, the unkown and the epic feelings of the old world.
    rip for one of the best virtual world ever created..

    i miss the pet building system from vanilla/bc.
    with this you can have build your own special pet.
    the feeling with this pet was epic.. rip

    i miss the mana for hunters.
    in my case mana was the reason that i choose the hunter!
    a magic touched beastmaster was special in this game. now we have standard fantasy..
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    not miss: 25 and 40 man raids

    miss: no catchup mechanics
    Content drought is a combination of catchup mechanics and no new content.

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    - 40 ppl Raid.
    - Amount of content
    What i don't Miss
    - Ninja Looters
    - 1 Spec
    - Class Specific Feature ( mount etc)
    - Can't Fly

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    I really miss the bugs. It was extremely fun to get into the hordes tavern in dalaran, or to get through other textures. You just had much more to do. I dont like how the classes have become very similar, especially tanks.

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    Another World.
    When people were far, far less toxic, entitled and vicious than they are now.

    But after LGN comes out, you'll be saying: "I miss when my character felt good to play."

    Beta is a fuckin' nightmare and BLIZ just doesn't care.

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    I do miss:

    5 mans being a bigger part of the game
    Old school tanking - no easy mode AoE aggro, requiring additional techniques target switching, out of sight pulling, etc.
    CC in PvE
    When epic quality gear wasn't so massively overabundant to the point of becoming "standard", unexciting and meaningless
    When there wasn't 371 versions of the same stuff (heroic, "... of the whatever", assforged etc.)
    The game not being so incredibly strictly tiered, predictable and effectively completely resetting itself with every major content patch
    More straight-forward boss design that wasn't this ridiculous robotic memorizing/reaction game that it is today
    See above, applied to PvP
    Caring about upgrades while leveling, because you wouldn't replace them in 15 minutes

    I don't miss:

    The "community"
    Not having LFD
    Boredom and tedium (ridiculously low quest item droprates, boring-ass quest design, silly travelling paths, too scarce quest density in a zone)
    Not having daily quest hubs and cool outdoor zones and events like Molten Front, Timeless Isle etc.
    Not having transmog
    Not having pet battles
    Mounts not being account-wide
    Raid or quit
    Useless and underperforming specs and forced roles resulting out of that
    Not having dual spec
    Generally everything that was stupid, nonsensical, shitty and awkward and is long forgotten due to the insane amount of QoL, interface and systems improvements: weapon skill, spell ranks, bags full of reagents, etc. etc., you name it
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    Behind You
    No Transmog
    No Flying
    Sense of Community (No CRZ)
    Arthas/Illidan basewd Lore (No Panda's and Alternate Timelines)
    No/Slower Catch-Up Mechanics
    1-60 Leveling Not being broken
    Old Talent Trees
    Class Specific Quests and Features
    World PvP
    No LFR (This is a huge problem IMO, without a Community like with what we have now if LFR was to be removed it would probably just make things worse but it played a role in the death of the community as well as my personal lack of desire to raid above LFR difficulty since I just don't care about killing the same boss tons of times in order to get different colored loot).
    Class Trainers doing something
    Not being the savior of the world
    Max lvl Progression outside of raiding that lasts more than a week
    Seeing other people in the leveling zones (CRZ people don't count)

    Don't Miss:
    Amount of time it took to find a group
    Low Drop Rates (Zebra's don't have hooves)
    Old Mount Prices (I'm fine with fast mounts being expensive but 100g at lvl 40 back in Vanilla was a lot).
    Ability Training Costs
    Ninja Looters
    Outdated Graphics
    Lack of In-game Cinematics

    I kind of have to wonder what it would be like if Blizzard released a Vanilla Legacy Server with updated graphics as well as some interface and other QoL improvements (multi-corpse loot for example) along with the new WoD Premade Group finder. I have a feeling it'd be pretty awesome.
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    I miss the Old World before Cataclysm. I wish I could've spent more time in places that were utterly changed, like Thousand Needles or Azshara, when I had the chance. I also miss a lot of the old niche spells that were mostly useless, but added flavour. Like Bind Elemental for Shaman, or Eyes of the Beast for Hunters. I miss the fantasy of visiting a trainer to learn new spells. I loved exploring and finding each class trainer.

    But I don't miss the (mostly) boring quests before Cataclysm. I can actually quest now and enjoy the storyline of a zone! I also really like the changes done to some zones, such as some of Orgrimmar's districts. It authentically feels like the heart of the faction, with a presence of each member race. I also don't miss all of the useless spells that cluttered my bars and gave me a migraine trying to figure out. I also don't miss visiting class trainers to learn rank after rank of the same damn spell.

    It's all perspective, really. I sorely miss some things in WoW, and then I remember what we got because of that loss. It eases the nostalgia.
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    I miss wrath. When nobody had a hard-on for the bad old days
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    Mount quests
    Old world (it had to be redone, but probably not the way it was done in cataclysm)
    Some of the secondary "professions" (lockpicking, pet management for hunters,
    Class quests for some of the spells (the implementation was often retarded, but the idea was good and needed to be expanded upon)

    Don't miss:
    Forming groups without LFD
    Some specs being borderline useless
    The feudal raid model where 95% of players financed raid content for 5% of players

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    i miss the old quests, not because they were better than cata's, but i coudn't read them in italian

    but i will never miss the shit rogue before wotlk, never, never, never i miss the damned combat or benched :\

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    I miss:

    - Class diversity. Pallies having auras and so on. The class homogenization killed the game for me, while they gave Druid blatantly OP stuff such as Symbiosis.

    - Realm communities. Back in the day your reputation mattered, you couldn't just queue up with people from other realms that you'd never see again. The realm-only groups also made BGs more fun because you faced the same people and grudges began to form.

    - Attunements and quest-chains that were part of progression. Made the game feel more rewarding after you finally reached the end. For that I wear my Hand of A'dal title with pride, Blizz won't ever implement anything like it again due to all the crybabies.

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    Class diversity, consistent world that felt huge, depth of systems, combat.
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    I miss:

    Server and PvP communities when everyone knew each other in WSG and in World PvP
    World PvP
    Class utility diversity - Warlocks using Banish on Garr, Priests using Shackle Undeadin Scholo and Strath etc.
    Greater class combat diversity
    Class quests
    Epics being Epic
    5 mans taking 12 hours to complete
    No Flying
    Everyone being shit at the game
    Crowd Control and using your Brain instead of Zerging everything.
    Tiered Raid Progression. Kara + Gruul + Mag -> SSC -> TK -> BT. Smooth as Butter.

    I don't miss:

    Garbage Talent Trees
    Garbage Talent Specs
    Spamming for Groups for hours.
    Doing Attunements on Alts
    40 Mans, where 20 people carried 20 people in a laggy fuckfest.
    Not having battle-wide stuff
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    What i do miss:
    Old talent system
    Having extremly slow flying.
    Not having CRZ.
    Being able to keep myself busy with a lot of daily quests.

    What i don't miss:
    The old world pre-cata
    The giant battle to get a 5-man group together
    And many other things!

    I really like the new world a lot more then the old one
    May the lore be great and the stories interesting. A game without a story, is a game without a soul. Value the lore and it will reward you with fun!

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    A community that wasn't toxic.

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    - Sense of adventure
    - Challenge in leveling and dungeons
    - Epics being epics
    - Getting stuff done required effort
    - World pvp
    - Classes being unique and having their own quests
    - Professions being useful
    - Barrens chat
    - Social and guild driven community

    Dont Miss:
    - Shaman water totem quest. Seriously
    - Useless specs and must have specs
    - Some quests that took year to complete (Hillsbrad mountain lionblood quest, Shimmering flats scorpion poisons)
    - weapon skills

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