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    Trinket question

    I have normal Purified Bindings of Immerseus 4/4
    I also have Frenzied Crystal of Rage warforged heroic 4/4

    Lats night i got normal Black Blood of Y'Shaarj. on weds i can make it 4/4

    Question is the 588 frenzied trinket going to be better then the black blood 4/4 which i could do on reset on weds?

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    BBoY will be much better than that cleave shit

    even HC ToT trinkets should be better than Frenzied Crystal of Rage

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    LOLs thanks ill swap out this weds and see what happens

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    Problem is, that Frenzied Crystal of Rage doesn't proc to your main target and on AoE/cleave fights it is not reliable enough (too low proc chance).

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    There's not a single point in SoO where that cleave trinket comes out ahead of either KTT or BBoY's from any difficulty AFAIK.
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    Ok great. Its swapped out already

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