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    I'm really stuck between bloody dancing steel and mongoose, both have really nice effects.

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    Fiery, and Savagery, and Crusader
    Unholy is just stupid imho
    Void Elf Monks dont make any GD sense whatsoever!

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    Toss up between Executioner and Mongoose.
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    Mongoose by a long way.
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    I think it was called Beastslayer or something. It was like a 125 enchant. My friend got it and put it on my weapon when I was leveling a Warrior at like, level 20 and I almost cried because it was so cool. Ah, the noob days.

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    Executioner and Mongoose, for sure.

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    Mongoose and Executioner, although I like how Power Torrent changes colour.
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    Mongoose or executioner.
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    The Kara enchants do look good.

    Kind of shocking no one has mentioned Sunfire.

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    Mongoose and Hurricane

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    I kinda like Jade Spirit. It's subtle and it fits to my transmog...

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    Executioner for the win!!! Landslide looked like my sword was taking a prepetual dump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didacticus Syntacticus View Post
    The Kara enchants do look good.

    Kind of shocking no one has mentioned Sunfire.
    They are awesome, it's just that other enchants are better. But all Kara enchants definitely share the second place.

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    The one with the purple effect on 1h swords, i wish we could transmog enchants

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