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    Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18566

    See the front page for the latest notes!
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    Not going to lie....
    I would play the Arakkoa as a race lol

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    Wow, those Arrakoa are nice.

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    Meh. Wildstar is still better.

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    Damn, those Arakkoa are nice.

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    Where are the new character models?

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    Looking amazing with the Arakkoa models so far!

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    Dem 2D paper thin wings.

    Looks ok, needs work still, shoulders etc.

    The Draenei skeleton is obvious in this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksylver View Post
    Meh. Wildstar is still better.
    ..than Runescape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksylver View Post
    Meh. Wildstar is still better.
    ROFL no, afraid not. Better than Warhammer Online maybe.
    "Let them hate, as long as they fear"

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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksylver View Post
    Meh. Wildstar is still better.
    I didn't like Wildstar. Does this mean one of us is wrong? I don't think so. I dislike seeing comments like this because it has nothing to do with the information provided in the news. Perhaps if you said something about what you like and dislike about content in the news.

    On topic: Love the Arroka model. Looks nice, lets hope one day they are playable.

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    Arakkoa looks like the female worgen skeleton.

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    I was gonna say INB4 Arakkoa playable race theories/requests but I'm too late.

    Though I gotta say I would totally play them.

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    They nerfed conversion again first it no longer has the initial tick and then They reduced the heal to 2%

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    Mmm, mostly like the new Kalimdor loading screen but they're using those icky Manga style pictures of Varian and Lor'themar in the Eastern Kingdoms one.

    Well at least Gallywix looks lore-accurate.

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    the new azeroth/kalimdor screens look terrible...thrall's eyes look all off, everyone looks like they're really angry for no reason, and that goblin looks so out of place

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    So on the world map, they went with fat Gallywix? So that means in game he's still using a placeholder for 3 expansion?

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    Wow who drew Sylvanas? She looks horrible.

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    Item - Warlock WoD PvP Destruction 2P Bonus (New) When Immolate is dispelled, the cast time of your next Chaos Bolt is reduced by 3%.
    lol. This is so bad it's hilarious.

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