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    Gold buying, instant max professions, buying gear from the previous patch, perhaps.

    People can piss their money away on skipping game content for the price of a new game if they want I guess, I just don't share the desire. I know some explain they have "done it already" so can't be bothered to do it again, but really, you've also done the max level stuff too, so is levelling so bad in comparison that it's worth the cost to avoid? Well, yes, for some it appears.

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    The very next paid thing will probably be leveling professions, because that's already being offered as part of the character boost. (Character boost will be extended to level 100 as well, that's a given, not sure if that would count as a new service though.)

    But the biggest next paid thing will likely be paid valor / conquest caps, paid bonus rolls, paid items that increase the speed of leveling / getting reps / getting currency, and the likes. We are going to get something that would technically be obtainable by everyone without paying money, money will just save time. Yep, that's a road to hell, but we've been traveling it already for some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Obviously figurative, understandeable.

    Where does paying for a cosmetic armour give you an advantage over somebody who doesn't buy it
    Where does paying for a pet or mount give you an advantage over somebody who doesn't?
    Where does you paying to transfer a server give you an advantage over somebody who doesn't ?
    Where does paying to level your toon to 90 give you and advantage over me who already has 11 lv 90 toons in ilvs 496 - 550 accross the board?

    Do you think players should be able to buy valor and honour to the cap every week too then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deficineiron View Post
    Re pay-to-level - as far as i can tell, if I give blizzard 60 bucks today, i get a max level toon today (and I get charged today, and they book the revenue today). Not sure what wod (which doesn't even have a release date) has to do with this feature. If they wanted it to be a wod-only feature it wouldn't be available yet, or it would only be level 85 now, etc.

    maybe I am wrong and you cannot actually buy a max-level character today, live?

    I do agree on the pet, and have wondered if they might try to find a more easily resold boe item to put in cash shop.

    Here is another idea - how about ability to buy valor or whatever the gear-buying points are? price it so it hurts a little (like the level 90 thing), and even better, introduce it halfway into wod, include it in a description of features about the following expansion and call it a catch-up feature, but let it go live a year earlier, like level 90 purchasable did, so you can actually buy points today for max level gear today. When folks object, you can remind them it is a next-expansion feature and it just went live a little early, so it doesn't really count.
    It's a WoD feature added early along with the early sale of WoD to keep people playing. Thinking this is a pay to win feature is also quite... well... stupid.
    Anyone willing to pay that much just to get a level 90 character this close to the end of an expansion really can't be called a winner. What exactly are they winning anyway if you think it's pay to win?
    First level 90 was ages ago, first normal kills were ages ago, first heroic kills were ages ago, ...
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    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet (also small bump)...

    A WoD equivalent of Gaze of the Black Prince.

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