I had an interesting idea today. Resto has access to a spec specific totem that's useful as all get out (spirit link totem, and now healing tide) so why not for Enhancement and Ele as well? I was thinking it needs to be something that doesn't interfere with DPS/role function and fits the class well. Support, utility, battle mage? Lack of water totems? I came up with:

Cloud Totem - Water Totem (Enhancement Only)

Summon a totem at the feet of the caster with 10% of the Shaman's health that reduces mana cost for Healing Surge and Healing Rain by 75% and also reduces the cast time of lightning bolt and chain lightning by 1 sec. Lasts 10 sec. 1.5 Min CD.

This way, if an Enhance Shammy needs some breathing room/kiting cooldowns, or you need to toss your allies some heals without crippling your resource, you have a cooldown to do this. If for whatever reason you can't get into melee range, or it's not optimal at the time, you can drop Cloud Totem to stay where you are and just cast quick LB/CL's for a few seconds, and toss your allies or yourself some quick heals. Shamans are still a kiting class at their core, and Enhancement is the melee that seems to have the hardest time standing toe to toe well with other melees, especially since you have to kite so much to get some breathing room.

I also think this wouldn't be too strong due to the fact that Chain Heal and Healing Tide Totem is now gone for Enhancement, and the healing bonus for Healing Surge only occurs on Maelstrom procs, which requires you to stack the buff and already reduces the cost of healing spells in general. It's also very fitting for the theme of Enhancement Shamans, the support class with the "battle mage" spec. I think it would be pretty interesting if each spec of Shaman gained a personal totem with some relative strength or usefulness in every portion of the game.

What do you guys think? Should each spec of Shaman get a specialized totem for their spec?