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    Resto as usual
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    Feral for leveling and raiding. No amount of changes or buffs will ever make me go Moonkin. I'll tank or heal first.

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    I get the idea balance is pretty powerful atm then?

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    Switching to my bear for Wod, Guardian levelling all the way with Balance OS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtramuscle View Post
    I'm currently lv 95 on beta and leveling as balance is way better than 85 to 90 ever was. I had a ilv 500 premade, and was looking forward to copying my 587 main over, but even now (at 95+) only the 'Wanted: ...' quests offer 548 rewards. Questing is going to feel very unrewarding for even a SoO Normal geared raider.

    Was looking forward to being able to wreck stuff on my main on live, but now I'm worried if I one shot every mob with stellar flare I'll spend more time running to dead corpses than actually killing mobs #nopleasingme
    Bare in mind that you won't have access to Stellar Flare until level 100 on live, but the same applies for MF / SnF. Having leveled to 95 on the beta, it's literally just DoT and run the entire time, and I'm only 572.

    OT: Leveling as Balance, unless I get really bad perks at 91 / 92.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fainth View Post
    Intellect gear = Agility gear now. All you need is two sets of weapons.

    I will be leveling as feral!
    And cloak, neck, rings and trinkets.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
    Intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.
    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
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    guardian with os resto. I really dislike druid dps specs. I will be going guardian for wod over my current resto.

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    Feral. All. The. Way.

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    I'm switching it up for WoD and going feral.

    I'll most likely keep resto as my offspec, been resto forever, and I mostly don't trust others to heal properly in dungeons and raids.

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    Gogo bear leveling! Although if you're already decked out in really good raid gear going into the xpac, I find going bear > feral since things die so quickly that there isn't much of a difference, and doing large AoE pulls is downright easier as a bear. When leveling beyond 96 becomes available, that may change as I still haven't replaced any gear nor has the power feel shifted greatly. Blizz still hasn't done a major numbers pass, so this may change in that regard.

    For those that plan on being resto, pleeeeeease stay resto! I imagine that there will be a shortage of healers with the current trend, or ones that will be OOM and not understand why.

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    Balance all the way. (Dat Starfall OP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvencus View Post
    Me and healing don't mix so well together. It gives me heart attacks and I suck at it :P
    I tried healing once. I think i killed more people that day than all the mobs combined. Somehow i don't think it is the right job for me, so i'll stay OwlBear as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wall View Post
    Is there something changing that's making tank specs viable/efficient for leveling? I've seen a few different classes going the tank route for some reason.


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    Feral. I play on a PvP server so being a ninja helps.

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    Balance. I have leveled as Balance in Cata , before i always was Feral (resto in classic ....) And i also only have Balance gear , haven't looted anything else this expansion because i never changed spec and i also played solo :3.
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    Probably Balance when I get around to leveling my Druid. The changes look neat and I never really liked Feral.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakpoth View Post
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    Feral, always and forever.

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    If I will play wod, and will level my druid, it will be Guardian, as always. I don't like cat form, and leveling as a oomkin always was an act of masochism for me.
    "Patch 7.2 is the biggest content patch ever created by Blizzard" bwahahahahahahaha thanks for a good laugh guys, yeah, alongside with 6.1, aha

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    Quote Originally Posted by l33t View Post
    If I will play wod, and will level my druid, it will be Guardian, as always. I don't like cat form, and leveling as a oomkin always was an act of masochism for me.
    I leveled into cata and mop as moonkin i didn't need to drink even once. :P (I wouldn't have leveled as balance before that though , yep)
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