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    I was so looking forward to this until I read about the class books people can get to enhance abilities. No hunter will ever die to a melee again.

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    Very excited about this zone, hoping that Blizzard have learned from all their past outdoor experiments to give us a great zone that will remain dynamic and fun for a whole expansion.

    @all those in this thread who take a minute of their life to type 'I don't even like pvp', why are you even here? can you see why PvPers hate you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    Sounds good; until you realize that Ashran is for all intents and purposes non-canon/OOC; on account of the fact that the Faction War no longer technically exists.
    And now what? Sorry, but the Story can go fuck itself. I know that sounds harsh but it's a Video Game. While having Story at all is a nice thing, GAMEPLAY should always outweigh the Story. Otherwise there wouldn't be anything to do for every PvP Player right now. You could say you don't care for PvP and those doing it, but then it again it will hit back like a truck: "We don't care for your Story.. what now?".

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