View Poll Results: Which toon did you boost?

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  • Warrior

    9 6.82%
  • Paladin

    10 7.58%
  • Hunter

    16 12.12%
  • Rogue

    15 11.36%
  • Priest

    13 9.85%
  • Death Knight

    3 2.27%
  • Shaman

    19 14.39%
  • Mage

    11 8.33%
  • Warlock

    19 14.39%
  • Monk

    10 7.58%
  • Druid

    7 5.30%
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  1. #121
    I used the boost that comes with the expansion and did a rogue I chose it because of the chars below level 85 that I had there was only Mage, Warrior, and Rogue I'm not really interested in playing any of those three classes but by boosting a rogue I get access to it's lockpicking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WintersLegion View Post
    I get access to it's lockpicking.
    Seems to be a major driving point for Rogue boosting.

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    Haven't boosted anything. Only class I don't have is Monk and I can't stand it so much I don't even care if I do get it leveled. I will probably use it on another Horde toon somewhere.

  4. #124
    Boosted warlock because they are the best pve dps atm.
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    Several. Classes that I'd never had enough interest to actually play, but which interested me for some reason or other from reading their play guides. I hate leveling characters through the same old content so it gave me an opportunity to kick some tires on some things and see some fights from some very different perspectives. Makes you an all-around better raider to have a deeper understanding of what your raid members are doing, why they're doing it, and how their particular class goes about doing it.

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    Boosted my horde paladin for the Double Agent achievement because I only play my Alliance toons.

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    Rogue to finish my insane title I know you don't need a max lvl rogue, but its really the only thing I didn't have that I would use.

  8. #128
    Officially boosted my Druid

    I've always been interested in Druids but could just never level one. Gonna do resto and boomkin, but that may very well change

  9. #129
    I pre purchased Warlords and boosted a Druid. In my almost 8 year warcraft career it's the only class I have never levelled past 40. I don't know why I struggled with a Druid in particular but for me it was a no brainer.

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    I boosted a mage because I didn't have one of those. I also don't have a warlock... And I'm not crazy about warlocks from a lore perspective. (I don't like demons and stuff.)
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    I only have 2 classes not at, or a couple levels under, 90. Lock and Priest. I don't like priest so I decided I will boost my lock when I get it. Mainly for the green fire quest.
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    I boosted my priest. I already had everything I wanted really and priest was just the only one I would maybe want so I used it on her. Was already level 36 at the time too.

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    For those who boosted a lock, How hard is it to achieve the green fire quest item?

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    I boosted a shaman, Should have done a warlock or mage because I already had a shaman on another server... But I can always just level one when I resub on 6.0
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    Boosted my warrior which has always been my main, mostly because I couldn't stand leveling in Pandaria at all.

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    I haven't. I'll hold onto the free one until they add a new playable race that interests me.
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    Pre-order boost,

    2 accounts.

    Main Account my Rogue, First character I made in WOW back in January 2005. Never got past level 71 in 9 years. Got to 60 with here at the end of TBC, got to 70 with her during MoP, so I pumped free levels into her.

    I should point out I have server transferred her, from what ever server I started idea it was anymore some random RP server possibly Shadow Council, to Emerald Dream where my Mains are.

    My Second Account was a Paladin on a Feathermoon because I didn't really care and it's nice to have a Random Paladin on an Alt account.

    Also I plan to boost my Druid one day, since my second oldest Character is a Druid who is still in the mid 40's yah sad really sad, I do love my Gnome Lock.

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    Warlock on the Horde side. I already had an Alliance Warlock and it is my main as well as the class that feels most fun to play.

    I didn't want to boost a Monk, Mage or Warrior (I've never had either one of these at level cap) and find out later that I didn't like playing the class.

    Happy with my decision.

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    Debating if I should boost a hunter...How are they looking for WoD?

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    I boosted a warlock to get green fire before 6.0, did it with 502 ilevel because I really don't have any time to play until november because of work reasons.

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