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    Quote Originally Posted by roahn the warlock View Post
    Shadow priests have 0 cooldowns, because it's the class blizzard forgot existed
    ? Totally out of topic, but shadow priests are in a very good spot. Have you faced godcomp recently? Warrior/spriest/heals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DenniZ View Post
    Havent played Shadow on my priest but does Shadowfiend hit harder for Spriest compared to Holy priest?
    In that case, I need to remember to banish them ;-)
    Nope, does the same damage for Shadow as it does for Disc and Holy - it's a mana cooldown for all three specs.

    Also, to test the claim that Stampede does less than Shadowfiend - I jumped on my 498 item level hunter (versus 550 item level priest tests) and even in crap gear Stampede outdamaged Shadowfiend, so Stampede probably does at least double Shadowfiends damage in 550 - more importantly though - Stampede isn't the only damage cooldown hunters have - they have a whole retinue of such buttons: and Stampede's an incredible source of spell pusback and clusterf--kery.
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