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    12 February 2006. So i guess 8 something years? Although inactive for 6months right now so 7 1/2 years?

    Stoped playing in January this year. But i liked the Story and how they used some new quest ideas and solo scenarios to bring the story to the player. But i also come from the WarCraft era . So no silly hate for pandaren. I also liked the landscape and music. The Art style in general has some very pretty stuff.

    I'm just bored because i'm playing solo and have no real interest in normal raiding in Mop. I'm just waiting for WoD right now. :3
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    Been playing since Q1 of 2008.

    ATM, a little burnt out. As a pvper, last season of the expac is never fun.
    Have done it all, raids, pvp, solo content etc~ Plan on giving PVE Mythic a try when WoD hits. We shall see, we shall see..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogo View Post
    1. How long have you played? (in years)

    2. Your impression of WoW at this moment of time ( there is no wrong answer as you are giving your own impression of the current game)
    On and off since BC. Most continued time was during wrath where I was in a top 200 guild raiding. Back now chilling waiting for WoD and a chance to raid properly again.

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    1. Vanilla Korean Beta
    2. Game has evolved exactly as it should have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    1. August 2005 (Classic), for 5 hours.. I came back August 2007 (Mid-BC), been playing since
    I really don't understand why... because aside from obvious UI improvements, the first 5 hours of the game in 2007 would have been almost identical to the first 5 hours of Classic.
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    Since vanilla.

    I'm currently loving the direction WoW is heading. I don't think the game's ever been this healthy.
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    1. Played from closed beta, until patch 4.2. Never canceled once in that time. So, 8 years I guess.

    2. Garbage. The soul is gone and I don't think it will ever return. Patch 3.2 and forward, was just one bad idea after another.

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    1. 9 years

    2. It's pretty good. Played MoP more than any other expansion excluding Vanilla

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    Since Day 1 EU Launch.

    I am a casual (normal in MoP, heroic in Warlords) raider, MoP was the best raiding expansion ever for me.

    Am I happy with the current lack of new raiding content? no of course not, I 100% understand that this is in MY POWER though I can UNSUB if I want to, I think they are trying to get Warlords out as quick as they can, but they will not release it till its ready.

    Interestingly MoP did not contain my favorite raid tier which was T11 which ironically was in imo the worst raiding expansion, not sure what to make of that!

    I am very happy with how they are trying to "tidy up" in Warlords (stat squish and ability pruning etc), I was quite scared of this till I actually saw it in action, I am hoping this gives them room to grow (and hopefully quicker) in the future.

    Here is looking forward to more great raids!

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    1. since 17/11-2005.

    2. Stoppede 3 months ago and i don`t think i will come Again this time. im 100% burnt out this time and as it is right now in WOD beta there is nothing new in it to get me back. but i have had a blast in the time i have been playing. but every thing must have a end sometime
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    1. Since vanilla.
    2. Raiding, instances and daily quests have burnt me out starting early WotLK (To easy to snoring)

    Just resubbed the other day, already questioning myself as to why, current raiding, esp. PvP is very lack luster and the daily quests.. Hated them since BC /netherwing.
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    Started some time in Vanilla ( I know AQ40 was coming in then).

    I didn't cancel at all until the end of Cata, went and played SWTOR for about 4 months before coming back. I didn't leave again til right before SoO came out to play FF14 for a few months. Think I've been back since January?

    I'm still finding some enjoyment in the game, but I don't spend a ton of time playing atm. I log in, do a few things like Valor cap the main, and my main alt, little crafting things and depending on the week, may mess around on another alt. Don't bother with LFR much anymore other than for the Valor ( often do the old ones cause with my DPS and one or two like me we can rip through it quick). Make a bit of gold, doing some clean up but don't spend about as much time here as I do on the game tbh.

    To be frank, if it wasn't for the fact we were going to be seeing Draenor before it exploded, I probably wouldn't have much care for WoD at all.

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    1) I believe I started playing in 2007, probably end of 2007...not 100% sure and overall had a break of about a year so I guess about 6 years.

    2) I still enjoy a big part of it. I no longer do anything PvP related (unless it's part of an achievement I want or questline) because it's not really my thing anymore (nerves don't allow it either). I'm no longer into hardcore raiding because I really can't find anyone that plays like me, at least not any guilds that raid during weekends and that's pretty much my only issue in WoW. The times I was in a hardcore raiding guild I was well above what they required from me in every way but being a melee dps I rarely got to play...even now I rarely find a group accepting melee dps.

    Scratch the "my only issue" thing sort of, It's my only issue with the actual game. The other issue is that a lot of people play this game like total assholes and not enough is done about it. Pretty much every aspect of the game would be a lot more enjoyable without all the assholes.
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    I like raiding still, world is fine - gameplay is better for sure

    Dungeons are horrible mess (5 mans) and I hate catchup mechanics (be it timeless isle or 3.3/4.3 heroics) - don't tell me they are good for ALTS - they could make a system that works for only ALTS and not new players - that'd be fine.

    They totally ruined my gameplay experience and content usage because i came back late in MoP, previous expansions weren't too bad (even with 3.3 4.3 heroics even). Did all raid content in every raid, cept for coming back in MoP late and never get to do anything but SoO... and LFR doesn't count (too strong gear and LFR lolz)
    Content drought is a combination of catchup mechanics and no new content.

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    Around 2.3 (o7ish)
    Currently? I like the ease of access to raiding, but dislike the overly burnt out but going threw it anyhow vibe the community gives off. I can do without the molten front or Cloak questline type of shit for alts. I think content inclusion should get easier for your alts the harder your main works.
    I love the idea where you can get Xmog stuff off a raid boss like the dark shaman. That is a neat little thing I wish they would drop more of in. Get a raid bosses look, if you are the rite class.. great idea.
    Also I like how MOP minor NPCs turn up in your story everywhere, and help drive them and you are given a sense of the main objectives aren't totally just being left up to you, but there are wheels within wheels in the story.
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    1) Since the open betas of vanilla.

    2) Still playing, though very much casually. Have not raided since wrath and stepped to pvp only to do That One Achievement. Seems like I will continue to WoD, I'm liking the beta so far.
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    I have played since launch day.

    I unsubbed at MOP for the first time ever, had never unsubbed even once before that. I am still unsubbed though I did log into MOP for a month to give it a try, and promptly unsubbed at the end of the 30 days.

    Much of the content is trivial to me, questing and 5 mans are the worst. Raiding has too many group labels that in the end separates many players. 4 levels of difficulty automatically splits people in one of 4 groups.

    In the end, my current impression is that WoW went from an attitude of working with others and being a part of something, with a decent difficulty level in most of its mechanics to - now, which has the main theme of what made it great...really diluted...players seem to be separated now, doing their own thing. If I had to describe it in one line:

    WoW went from the MMO side to being more in the single player side, it has lost its soul ( or sold it).
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    1.) 9 years (since Day 1)
    2.) I think it's great I just don't have an active guild to keep me constantly logged on so I've been taking a break. (I still pay the sub fee, I've never unsubbed once).

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    1. Since late vanilla/early BC
    2. 5.2 was the last good patch. 5.4 has been the worst more me and wow. ICC lasting almost a year wasn't a big deal because it was actually a good raid. DS was the first straw, with 8 bosses, shitty may I add, lasting a year almost. Now 5.4 will last more than a year, and I personally think it's worse than DS. I also believe WoD won't redeem WoW for me either, so this might be the end for my account. Well see how the raid tiers in WoD play out.

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    Been playing since opening day Classic, November 23, 2004. Played closed and open Classic beta before that.

    Current impression is that the game is vastly improved in terms of overall stability (few of you know what it was like those first few opening months... loot stuck forever, they had massive transactional database issues at first). The storyline has not lived up to its potential. And currently Blizzard seems to be going through a lot of inner turmoil that's bubbling its way up into the game. Hopefully they will reorganize themselves in a healthy way.

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