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    New Warlock, Horde or Alliance?

    So I've decided to rerrol Warlock, yet I don't know what to create if either Horde or Alliance and despite knowing that it is a personal choice, would like to know what you guys think of it for WoD expansion for example.

    Do you think that Trolls will be too damaged after the racial changes?
    Could Gnome be a viable choice now?

    Thanks for your consideration (;

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    I personally am staying a worgen, the crit bonus is all well and good but I really enjoy having dark flight. Having a speed boost while still allowing me to take unbound will for self dispel/trinket option is nice. All that said, I've only played a few hours on the beta so far but from what I've gathered orc's will be pretty strong for warlocks running with demons, especially GoSup and Servitude. For alliance, i did hear that gnomes will be decent for warlocks as well. All in all, unless you are pushing for top 10 ranking I wouldn't be overly concerned and play the faction and race you enjoy.

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    I'm fond of orc warlocks. females that is, males look like retarded monkeys thanks to their hunched backs.

    also orc warlock sounds cool
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    what ever makes you happy and where you can play with friends

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    Racials make so little difference (even more so in WoD), other than perhaps having Berserking as Affliction. Play what feels nice to you. I enjoy Troll's casting animations a lot, and almost everything looks awesome on a Forsaken. I agree with Taftvalue, orc males are fugly.

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    i'm undead, my friends are all horde and tbh undead warlock looks the best

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    Yeah, most of us will have our play vary a much larger percentage than the racials based on the quality of our net connection, how tired we are, how distracting the pets/children/aliens invading next door are, and like that. Assuming you're not in a guild that's seriously in progression for world firsts and such, choose based on what faction your friends are and who's got the casting animation and way of wearing gear you like.

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    If you are looking forward to WoD I recommend a Human. Human Spirit giving versitality on the beta and it is insanely powerful compared to everything else. That being said beta is beta, but at the moment it is quite powerful.

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