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    Shill harder? mmo champ indeed

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    So when did they say the Android version would ship? ... Still waiting

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    Where is Android?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    What's the big deal? It's not like they are delaying WoW news to post this stuff.
    He complains for the sake of complaining.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    So played the normal 3 bosses and 2 class challenges it gave (druid and rogue), during 2- 3 am in EU. The turns too a loong time, some server issues i assume,. to complete so it was a bit boring and random crap made the last 2 bosses take 3-4 times to complete with priest. Now heroic will require some good card pulling to complete the first boss, 4/4 every turn (or 2/3 charge)...

    hmm so just completed the first heroic, disconnected progress saved, restart to continue. So it seems that some server issues are still around.
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    When is android version coming? Any news about that?

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    I really wish the design and animation direction for Hearthstone was embraced by the World of Warcraft. That video was nothing but cool to watch.

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    Any time frame on when we're getting this on Android? I seem to recall it was said that we'd get it when Naxx was out?

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    First wing was really easy on heroic, with a cheap control deck and assault deck

    Not to mention the class challenge is a joke.
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    That hole cinematic reminded me of Jumanji with the board sucking up all the shit at the end.

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    The heroic modes were a nice challenge for a f2per

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