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    I have seen Draco consistently make top 200 rankings on WoL and Warcraft logs over the last 6 months on almost every fight, well before i started posting here. As im sure you know, logs have expiration dates, and draco probably hasnt been raiding on his main so frequently these days, so many of his rankings have probably expired.

    I know for a fact that he had the top ranking on iron jug not very long ago
    My main is actually a hunter. <_<. Also, he's referring to MDWieeman - my logs are still very much around, and a few of them even remains in top 10 despite not having raided on the disc for a month :P!

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    Ahh, my apologies, I'm using my samsung tab and dont have the best view of previous posts while typing, completely mistook who was talking to who. Makes more sense, I didnt think your logs would have dried up so fast

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    Divine Star on CD, when you can no longer cast, spam Prayer of mending and shields.

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    I always enjoy reading informative posts from Draco (MS is shadow but I offheal if needed) and then you get..

    Quote Originally Posted by Dinchu View Post
    Divine Star on CD, when you can no longer cast, spam Prayer of mending and shields.
    Oceanic spriest, thanks blizz for giving us aus servers. 7/9 mythic ToS

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    You should be able to get a full penance channel off. If you can't, clipping it is probably the best option.

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    After extending for the first time in hc's, my guild somewhat unexpectedly 2shot spoils and now face thok, at long last. It was actually far less brutal than i was expecting, however after 10 wipes we were only hitting ~ 50% by the end of the 2nd screech phase (not actually sure where we should be, but we're way overgeared to compensate for the plethora of bads we have (25man) (keep in mind we are first and foremost a casual guild)).
    The information here has been very helpful to say the least. Any additional useful information would be greatly appreciated.

    - - - Updated - - -
    those are the logs from the first night.

    - - - Updated - - -

    A quick comment on the other healers; Amara and Jx are MS dps (our usual other shammy was away), Dogswag was dying of manflu and Evilnudge i just dont even.
    Disc Priests: Just 2 mana trinkets away from becoming Withered

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    I think Evilnudge needs a nudge in the right direction! HAHAHAHAHA! I'm here all week by the way. And then the next, and then some more.

    Anyway. Yes, Evilnudge seems to be lacking a little. They could do with actually using PoM (it is minor but it should at least be up on the pull) and weaving in more Divine Star and Power Word: Shield. Oh, and they only had a 25% uptime on AA. That is pretty low!

    Coming from a 10 man situation (also with people that make things more challenging at times) we found that leaving bats to last was preferable. Generally, we can kill Thok without even entering that phase which was a bit of a pain. Might be different on 25 man. I suspect other people will be able to offer better advice.

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    If you have multiple disc in the raid, you need to stagger your divine stars for optimal use. Someone does the first roar, the other priest gets the second roar. Get two divine stars per AA and solace on cooldown for the stacks (mmm crit set bonus).

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    Yeah, im well aware of evilnudges shortcomings, the saddest part is that he's doing heaps better on his priest than he was on his hpalla (his hpalla logs would show things like 7 Holy Radience in a row... on himself... during heroism.. on malkorok. There was no helping him. Hopo complex yo). Anyway, at the moment im most concerned with him not getting interrupted, archangel uptime and PoM comes later, baby steps guiz, baby steps...
    The logs were mostly for if there was anything much I could improve myself. There should be a few more entries since that one I linked. Think we got to 30% before we did a norm clear on sunday. Not sure if thats good or not... everything kind of fell apart when we hit the fire cage on the last few attempts.
    Was wondering if the fire stacks with itself? As in, if you stand in 2 puddles it does damage from both? So can an you just stack in it and heal through it to a kill, or do you have to kite the raid out of it?
    Disc Priests: Just 2 mana trinkets away from becoming Withered

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