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    dps spec

    was thinking of lvl up my druid to 90. at start of 90 with low gear is feral or boomkin best dps? which spec is more gear dephendent?

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    Bump, im actually interested in same question, going to level druid to level 60 and then boost it to 90, and then as i understand i will have to pick either boomkin or feral gear. Which one is more gear dependent and easier to pull decent dps (i understand both are pretty hard, especially coming from lol mage "rotations")?

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    Boomkins suffer a lot from not having the Legendary Meta gem and are pretty poor in low gear levels. Difficulty is hard to say, people who are experienced at Feral will say Feral is easier and people who are experienced at Boomkin will say Boomkin is easier, you can't really say since nothing in this game is really "difficult."

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