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    Outraged lack of rogue changes on wod beta

    It is looking like the 5.0 patch all over again folks. Rogues are getting the mop beta treatment again. Blizzard would like nothing more than to sweep this class under the rug it seems.

    My wow backround: I have been playing wow on and off since 2006. I started Playing nothing but the Rogue class in late 2007. In 4.1 I quit wow for the longest period ever. I finally returned in 5.0 two weeks after the xpac came out. At first I had a lot of fun because I just missed the game and my rogue so much it all felt good to me, then I realized soon after the class had been gutted, many of my favorite talents had been removed, Sub was still Top tier for pvp but as a whole the class was the most boring, homegenized and weak in pvp that it has ever been in the history of the class and the game. So I quit again, returning 3 months later for a single month. I am currently unsubscribed for 7 and 1/2 months.

    I do not have access to the beta which i signed up for immediately as I do for every beta test.

    from what I have seen from official notes from blizzard and dating mining here and videos from streamers gifted with beta keys it looks pretty grim. Our horrible set of talents we have been stuck with has barely been touched. Rogues once again have the least amount of changes/modifications than any other class. Every week we get no new notes or 1 line saying we changed the name of an ability or rolled a spell passive into a spell to clear up spellbook space.

    Rogue is all I play and the class looks to still be quite challenged and homegenized in warlords, and as I care nothing for the garrisons feature or leveling alts Warlords is shaping up to be another run of the mill cash in Xpac for me I would be wise to avoid.

    When I played during Mists I constantly gave feedback on the PTR test realm and the live game, I took my greivances to both the rogue forums and the Damage Dealing Forums and the Arena Forums. I garnered little support and never a single blue post even in my discussions that generated near 100 comments.

    Frankly I truly believe that blizzard does not give a shit about feedback or the rogue class they think they can make all the decisions on their own which involve little change to lighten their workload.

    and no I have not always been a forum rat complaining all the time. I often give very concise and clear constructive feedback and I just started posting for the first time on the Wow forums and related websites in 2013. Before then I had never typed a word or read a word of the forums.

    It is just pure horror and sorrow to sit by and watch developers ruin what was once one of the greatest Games and pieces of art ever created. I believe that wow's peak in quality was Early to mid Wrath of the lich king. Then blizzard got lazy and realized they could milk the game another 5-10 years without putting any real effort and create a brand new game that will most likely be tailored for consoles and casual gamers.
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    I usually don't agree with you on Rogue matters in this forum but yes: It's pretty clear they have no fucking idea about what to do with class nor do they care. It's not only that we don't get any changes or relevant news they also don't react to any feedback. You never see any replies to tweets on the frontpage concerning Rogues.

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    So what change do you want? You wanna have to re-learn your class EVERY single expansion a la warrior? Btw tweet them questions or forum threads if you want them to listen, works very well.
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    So, you're the snowflake Blizzard should be listening to when it comes to the Rogue class?

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    They are lacking in a lot of the expansion, it seems they are currently putting most of their effort into getting the new race designs and garrisons finished before release.

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    Weren't Rogues the class which Blizzard would usually say were in the best place from a design point of view or was that just the energy-based system?
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    Unsubscribed for 7 and 1/2 months and only played intermittently before that, have you considered it may be just time to move on from WoW?

    Edit: Honestly not trying to be trollish, here I feel bad OP feels that way about his favorite class but maybe a new game has a class similar to what he wants and would make him/her happier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustweaver View Post
    Weren't Rogues the class which Blizzard would usually say were in the best place from a design point of view or was that just the energy-based system?
    They say that like it means they cant operate within the design space and come up with something new.

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    I'm interested in finding out what new abilities/talents you feel rogues need to freshen the class for you? I've been playing rogue since vanilla and the only two abilities I miss were Ghostly Strike (only because it allowed me to almost tank bosses, and actually tank in some TBC cases when our base dodge was daft) and Riposte, we have changed a lot since our original incarnation.
    The only thing I personally feel is off, is that they should have removed Vendetta and made for a more powerful version of Shadow Blades (rather than remove it) for Assassination, I feel that Assassination can be quite dull in its own right, and the 'big CD' is still just a flat % damage increase.
    As far as our talents go, we do have some nice choices (at least in level 45, 60, 90 and the new 100 talents) and I do find myself changing often in between bosses in raids.

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    Heyyy we don't really need another thread for this. There's a (long) ongoing discussion of alpha/beta already, and people have had no problem voicing their discontent there without overrunning theory or something like that. Closing this, since it's unnecessary.

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