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    It's good if the raid has a lot of bosses, it's bad if the raid doesn't have a lot of bosses.

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    serves no purpose in todays game its mostly just nostalgia driving people to want this which is weird because this forum thinks nostalgia is worse than hitler and 9/11

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    More Ulduar type raids. Ulduar is defenatly top 3 and i love this, it is looking good, what made ulduar so fun for me was the fact that it was optional like that, but i hope they bring the heroic activate version. it would make this new raid so fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adhemar View Post
    Your guild probably stopped doing normal end bosses because they didn't want to have to figure out when they had to stop progression attempts on heroics that came before them. Having optional bosses they could leave alone while clearing the normal end boss and then return to for heroic progression doesn't hurt you in any conceivable way.

    Guilds will always have to make decisions about how to spend time. Instead of getting pissed off about it, I recommend you join that discussion and consider what's best for the team and not just for you. Sometimes guilds will prioritize farming loot to make further progression easier, sometimes they have to stop praying for RNG and start working on new things and self-interest only matters to that point.
    Oh, being an officer I was part of this discussion, and I decided to put clean up 10 man to help people finishing their tier... I was just trying to say that this is the main reason why many people don't like optional bosses, because at some point you will want to skip it and some people will have to take one for the team for progression's sake.

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    Naxx or even Ulduar style boss progress would be nice. I enjoyed having multi-wing raids, as well with Naxx and Ulduar having situations where "You need to clear these bosses before you can access the next wing, but you can clear those bosses in any order."

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    Optional is great because it's optional.

    Most people will do them regardless when they are first released for a long time until the content grows stale. There are plenty of bosses we wished were optional in T14/T15 and especially T16 given it's length.

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    I remember ulduar. Where it had optional bosses. I rarely saw them personally since when I got into a raiding guild, most of them had a lot of stuff from them. When it gets further into an expansions life, you cut out things that are not needed to get to the final boss, aka optional bosses. Heck, in a pure race they will more then likely be ignored. Optional bosses tend to be skipped as often as they can be. Therefore, if they have nothing of use or nothing good, go for it. If they have anything remotely BiS then it will be killed until who ever needs it gets it, provided they have enough pull in their guild.

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    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, linear raids are so boring!

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    A little of both, I think. Optional stuff can be fun when the group is willing to do it. There were a lot of 5-man dungeons in the older game with optional bosses (Jandice Barov in Scholomance, like half the instance in BRD, and so on). It just sucked when you were in a random pug and needed to kill one of the bosses for a quest, but everyone else just wanted to skip the optional stuff and charge to the boss/do the minimum required as fast as possible.

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