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    Warcraft movie weaponry at SDCC

    Not only did they present the logo, but they had some of the weapons from the movie to show off, and comicbook.com snapped some pictures. EDIT: Found better pictures. Click for full resolution.

    Legendary's descriptions:
    Doomhammer A savage orc weapon unleashed in the name of the Horde
    Dragon Sword This gleaming blade is wielded in the name of the Alliance
    Lion Shield Symbol of the strength of Azeroth

    I don't know WTF is up with that sword design. I mean the blade, not the hilt. The hilt is amazing.
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    Oh my god, that Doomhammer is ginormous. Give it to me.

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    The logo looks a little more science fiction then I'd of thought.

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    Sweet mother o' mercy THAT SHIELD

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    That's one ugly ass logo, but Doomhammer and that shield are beautiful!

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    Someone gave the graphic designer the starcraft font to use by accident
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    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    logo looks like it's design for a starcraft movie tbh
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    What's wrong with the blade exactly?

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    The sword looks amazing...shiieeet.

    and dat doomhammer

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    Logo = nice, but definitely very "clean". It looks like it is trying harder to be StarCraft.

    Sword = I'll excuse the silly wrap around the blade, because the design overall is awesome. A wrapped ricasso is not unheard of, on a large sword... but here, it seems superfluous.

    Doomhammer = I like that it's more grungy than the Epic Weapons design, but it keeps all of the signature look we've come to expect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Camel View Post
    The logo looks a little more science fiction then I'd of thought.
    Well the Orcs are essentially sci-fi creatures that come from another planet.
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    Hmm isn't movie set during 1st or 2nd war ? Shouldn't Doomhammer had Blackrock clan icon instead of Frostwolves ?

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    There's no icon on Doomhammer till Thrall gets it as far as I know, it is definitely a mistake if it has frostwolf head in the movie.

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    Hmm...yeah...why is there a wolf on the Doomhammer already? Well, if we make enough of a stink now they'll edit the thing in post production. Or they're just show mocks to get us all excited and we'll never see them in the movie. I'm still surprised they went for as much live action filming as they did and didn't just go with straight motion capture like Avatar. Oh well. If they can make it look as nice as Game of Thrones I won't complain too much. That's about the only current show that's going right now that could be even remotely compared to Warcraft in terms of fantasy settings and post production content (there's a lot!)

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    I'll take 20 of all of them.
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    Wish the logo looked like a fancy version of this:

    The official logo looks kinda generic. :\

    The weapons look fantastic, Doomhammer looks so damn good! Look at the size of that thing!

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    Looks like StarCraft logo lol.

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