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    That warcraft logo looks way too Starcrafti. That logo has nothing to do with Warcraft. Nothing there is screaming Warcraft... WTF!

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    I know im late as shit but... the logo or whatever.. i mean its just a font but can it look more Michael Bayshittish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfie of Medivh View Post
    Not at all, it's more likely it's still Doomhammer's, well, Doomhammer.
    I would beg to differ. Doomhammer's Doomhammer was had a long shaft as he used it as a 2h weapon. Green Jesus gave it a shorter one so he can use it as a 1h and 2h Doomhammer. Plus this hammer has a the frostwolf logo.

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    None of this has changed my mind about the Warcraft movie. In my opinion, it'll be mediocre and under-perform at the box office.

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    Seeing the logo and weapon designs make me nervous. The movie should be about the story, and you should use design elements where they make sense. But other than the hammer the sword and the shield look to ornamental. It doesn't look like anything you'd actually take into battle. I am now worried that this movie will have the fate most other video game movies have and thats to pay to much homage to the design and mechanics of the game. I hope I'm proven wrong.

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    The font revealed is too space age/tech/sci-fi. It needs to be a more rugged Medieval-ish fantasy looking one.

    Why do I have the feeling we are in for another "Dungeons & Dragons" (2000) or "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" (2007) ?
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    Is that usually how movie weapons look up close? That worries me more than the logo. They look so friggen goofy, artificially beaten up, and... styrofoam. Styrofoam spray painted with crappy metallic paint even. Maybe CGI will help them look better I don't know. I'm not getting my hopes up about this movie though I hope my doubts are proven wrong.

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    I also find the logo looks not enough like Warcraft.
    But I have to say the sword looks amazing!

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