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    There wouldnt be baddies and green geared people anymore, because its not giving rewards.

    Full prideful on both sides = fun.
    Random battlegrounds are used for gearing up in PVP. Now if they had a separate queue that required you to be 540-550, then it wouldn't be a big issue as the Prideful players could just queue in that one.

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    I would say that PvP itself is in worst state ever.

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    I would say that PvP itself is in the best state ever.

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    What would it be like if WoW did what SW:TOR BG's works like?

    Equal out the itemlevel and mainstats of gear.
    Work towards better itemized gear by completing BG's.
    Remove set bonuses.
    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    Are you really looking for logic in a game that sends you dragons via the mail service?...

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    healers dominate because they are overpowered, and because often people let them free cast. cc is out of control, but very few people seem to actually utilize them in bgs.

    hks-tunnel vision games make me sigh. you know, the bgs where people can't follow simple bg objectives. there's like 3-4 people max actually making any effort.

    bots. early morning, bgs seem to be filled with bots. does blizzard even give a shit?

    so i check off av and isle.. and what do i get most often? strand. fuuuuuuuuuuuu

    call to arms horde(experiences may vary)10-12min queue's only to get destroyed by alliance.

    how about a new bg? maybe 5v5? hell, allow us to queue for deathmatch modes for hks.

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