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    Ret feels really good in beta right now. I have every intention of taking it back as my main for WoD. Now its that nervous wait for launch and hoping for once we aren't nerfed to the ground pre or post-expansion whilst other hybrids get to keep their dmg and healing.

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    I have done some beta testing in raids and was very pleased with where I stood versus other melee dps. The off heals seemed kind of lack luster.

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    Before judging how we stand for WoD wait for tuning, in next build ST dps should be tunned acording to Celestalon and then we should see if they kept their world about making all dps doing more or less same/similiar dps.

    Currently on beta some classes are overtuned and some undertuned, rets are either overtuned or just extremly strong. Once ST and hopefully AoE tuning is over and mythic testing starts then you should get clear picture of what ret will look like. Unless history repeats it's self which we all hope it wont.

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