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    Yes, despite god awful...

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    When i win, yes. It's the most unbalanced ladder when i lose.

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    generally yes, but the last 2 seasons are giving me cancer

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    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    Depends how drunk my partner is. Or I am for that matter.
    yar!... oh so true... cheers!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zurtle View Post
    That's actually a pretty damn good idea. That would be a lot of fun getting random partners.

    As to the question, I usually enjoy 2s, then again I play them as a guardian druid, so probably the people I play against hate them.
    You guys are aware this feature is coming in WoD, right? If not, this feature is coming in WoD, you know!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I love 2s when they end up being 1v1. That's when its actually fun, before that its mostly just a zergfest, except those rare times when my partner and I coordinate perfectly. Thats fun too.

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    They are fun until you get arms warrior healer comps at 1600 rating+ and that's all you fight.

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    I love playing 2s casually. I'm not very good, but I like trying to coordinate cc with just two people. On the other hand, i queued into a double healer comp the other day, and they pillar humped like they were making pillar children. That business needs to stop.

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    It has gotten pretty annoying since it is the same shit for the whole expansion (healer/dps and easy to play OP comps). Also, 2s' metagame haven't changed much in the last two seasons that is lasting for so freaking long.. at least before the OP comps changed.

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    I usually don't unless I'm playing with gear, comp, and teammates against a solid comp that can outplay one another of high caliber. So like the rare r1 vs r1 matchup in 2s is fun as hell. My teammates and I often played without communication in 2s just to practice for 3s for fun. We've played r1 matchups in 3s without communication too, but it's a bit more risky and difficult; don't really care about losing in 2s quite as much. I find playing without communication helps immensely for when the perfect moment happens, you just know the other people know what you're thinking.

    Playing without Glad+ partner in decent gear against randoms or comps that auto-win or auto-lose is just dull though. I hate playing for points. 90% of the time I get asked to 2s on a main class I just 1v2 the other team because we're facing people at 1800 mmr, it's just dull.

    They can be fun though, but it's super rare. I'm even fine with the old 45 minute draws that were always so very close, you can easily learn more about what you do right / wrong when you come close so many times in a row. Allows you to change up your tactics in agile fashion.

    Don't really play anymore though, been a few seasons since I've done arenas competitively, so no clue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post

    i wish people could just queue into 2s, because winning them requires pretty much the same amount of coordination that dungeon crawling does
    This isn't a bad idea actually.

    After a match, when the scorescreen pops up, it should say "New partner || Same partner || Leave arena".

    The MMR and stuff could still be exactly as it is now.

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    nope. its really imbalanced and best way to conquest cap

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    Yes, I like it alot. Best at the start of a new season. Especially after a patch with alot of class changes.

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    2s is only fun when you get the killing blow at 2.2 mmr

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    2s only for cap. never play it for rating, too unbalanced atm

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