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    In my opinion, I would reword this to include "in my opinion" as there certainly isn't any factual statement here in terms of speaking for everyone.
    Fixed that for you, you know, as long as we're being particular about qualifiers and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizzet View Post
    Fixed that for you, you know, as long as we're being particular about qualifiers and all.
    nope your response is just an emotional reaction to mine By stating "I" I am inferring "me" and as such I am putting forth a recommendation that can be "take or leave" it surely doesn't require me to put in a statement about opinion in there.

    There isn't anything opinion related in advising you that you appeared to be stating a fact that mage game play should not include multi-dotting, its written clearly in your post.

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    He didn't appear to be stating a fact to me, so you might have mistakenly read too much into it.

    I agree with his statement anyway. Warlocks and shadow priests have always been the multi-dotters. I think it's stupid for mages to do it too since not only does it not seem thematically appropriate to me, but it also means all three cloth classes just do the same thing with multiple targets.
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    It seems to be annoying in the Beta as on live at the moment Nether Tempest is one of the most efficient ways to farm and pull large packs of Mobs while dealing a large amount of damage besides annoyingly using Ice Lance on every mob while trying to pull them playing Frost. The lack of instant-casts that deal AoE damage (besides Arcane Explosion, which doesn't pull from a distance) is annoying.
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    NT tagging and AE were both great for open world play, agreed

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    I really miss having a 'bomb row'. Having each bomb available for each spec allowed for alot of versatility and varied from fight to fight. All they needed to do was give Frost bomb a stronger niche and it would have been perfect. Running without a bomb in any spec on beta feels a bit boring frankly, fire in particular, there's just not enough to do.

    Multidotting as well as snapshotting were great skillcaps, remove one, not both.

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    While NT farming was something we got used to, we got to remember that it was something that was never intended, but rather was the side effect from their bomb buff in ToT, which was to battle our weak raid performance. And rather than take it away in the middle of an expansion, it is going to be taken out now.

    That said am going to miss being able to faceroll everything to make things faster, but for me personally, it weren't fun gameplay.

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    Quite frankly, I don't like multidotting, if I were a fan of it I'd play warlock or shadow, I'm actually really glad they make a clear distinction with the Mage by making multidotting impossible or virtually ineffective as with Fire (not talking about dot cleaving here, different matter). It's good to have a caster class that can rely on something else than unnecessarily complicated and clumsy multi target mechanics, and I'm more than willing to pay the price it costs. NT is just "fire and forget" with WoD, as it should be for a talent, since the gameplay in Arcane comes from somewhere entirely else. Let's keep it there.
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