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    Welp, for the first time since I've been playing, got knocked all the way down to Bronze.
    A big shout out to the "incredible" matchmaking system for consistently pairing me with
    some truly "spectacular" and "skilled" players that fucked me over to get this rank.

    In any game, you always hear about the dreaded "Bronze" rank. Horror stories of how
    its either the most toxic area, or that the "skill" of the players your with are so bad that
    they make the Easiest A.I. setting look like Grand Masters. I always took those stories
    with a grain of salt, but being trapped (literally) down here I see that the stories are
    100% true. It really is that bad down in Bronze.

    It is virtually impossible to get out of this rank. Could probably play all day and make 0
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    Yeah last season I got dumped in Bronze after a streak of shitty games. Spent the whole season clawing my way back to Silver. I think I ended the season just below it.

    Tonight I finished placement. All ten games were fucking horrible dogshit, I think I won maybe 2 of them and at least half were massively unbalanced matches against obvious smurf teams.

    It gave me Gold 3. I haven't been in Gold for like two years. What the utter fuck.
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    Just finished my 10 ranked games, [brag]8/10 victories, platinum 4[/brag].

    Holy fuck Lucio is just crazy fucking strong with that rework.

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    The bad luck train coming full steam ahead ever since I finished my placements (7W / 3L).

    Got put into Gold 5, but since then, the game's kept me at a limbo of sorts, not letting me
    progress, nor lose progress. But now its been doing the opposite lately, and I've been losing
    a lot more than winning. So looks like the MM hasn't been improved in the slightest since
    their update. Seems to be just as shitty as its always been.

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